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Name:  Ducking Viking Queen

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Platform: MeetMe
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How did you get the name Viking Queen? 

My six-year-old niece, Vera, picked it out, She is 6. She said I am a "vikining queen" (says it wrong but cute), and that she is the "vikining princess." We told the children about their roots and that Vikings are one of those roots. The Norse heritage is very much a part of my life as I am also Pagan. It is my past, my culture, and my religion.

How long have you been streaming for? Why did you start streaming?

I have been streaming on Meetme since 12/12/2018. Although, I have been a member since it was My Yearbook.

Why did you start streaming?

I started because I was originally depressed and alone after my husband Sam died. And I thought it was an interesting way to make some new friends.

What is your emoji, and how did you get it? 

My emoji is the duck because my full name is Ducking Viking Queen.  But its  the emoji duck with ing on MeetMe not the whole word written out. Well, most people just call me Viking, some Ducking. The duck got added to my name as a joke in my live-stream one day with Top Streamer, Deadpool. I am a big supporter of X-Force, as well as admin for him part time. The additional part of my name started as a play on words to be funny using duck, ducking, duckers, etc. in place of some of the more popular swear words. Many people thought the duck was hilarious, and it always cheered people up. So, I ran with it! It has been my gimmick ever since.

Why do you think having an emoji is important on this app?

Having an emoji is good so people can easily recognize you. I think they are cute sometimes. Lol. Just be classy in what you choose.

What is the most fun and interesting thing you have done on MeetMe, and what has been disappointing to you on MeetMe? 

I like the diversity and all the interesting people that I have met. The most interesting thing I have done is being a Semi-Finalist for the top streamer, The Unstoppable Idol on MeetMe. It was a fun experience, and I got to share my singing talent with everyone. The only thing I dont like is sometimes the conflits between people, but I try to just avoid that and mind my own. 

Have you streamed anywhere else? Have you considered streaming anywhere else?

I have done a little streaming on my YouTube channel, but that is mostly for my PS4 gameplay,  and I use TikTok. I would consider streaming more and doing other platforms as well. I have done a little streaming on Tagged, but I don't care for that one as much. I love making the cute videos on tik tok! And I think I'm hilarious! I am also starting to try branching out into Twitch. That will be fun once ai do I believe. 

You are a part of X-Force group (Top Badge Deadpool), Buzz (Mz. Queen's group), and WallCrawlers (Spectacular Spidey’s Group). 
I am an admin for X-Force, as well as Buzz and the Wallcrawlers. I support all 3 of these groups. I also carry tags in my bio area or emojis for many, many, others that I support. The Wallcrawlers and the Buzz have now combined to make one family. Which is a good thing in the long run. I believe it will bring us all closer together. I hope we can bring many more people to our family. Because that is what we are. A family.

How has this been for you?  

My experience has been mostly positive. Like all things, there are bad eggs, here and there. Unfortunately, some need to be weeded out. I love the groups I'm with and others that I support. Deadpool, Mz Queen, and Spectacular Spidey. They are all very wonderful people, and I love the conversations. They come to my streams and show support whenever they can. When there is a problem, they do their best to help take care of it. I love being a part of all of these groups. They are all great people. The groups sometimes like all have issues here and there. But I love the people that I meet and the friendships I have made.

What kind of tasks do you help with?

In each group, for now, I am an admin. I help with pronlems that arise. I am also a bouncer in alot of the streams for these groups. This entitles me removing unwanted people from live streams and administering tags to people when I am asked to. I also help when there is problems in the groups to mediate. But there is always room to do more!

What was your experience on Unstoppable Idol? Did you enjoy it, would you do it again?

My experience in Unstoppable Idol was very good. This last Season that I participated in, Season VIII, started with 18 contestants. When I reached the semi-finals, we had 6 people competing for the title of Unstoppable Idol. I enjoyed it. I may participate again. I haven't decided yet.

Do you have any tips for new and upcoming streamers? What do you plan on doing with yourself in the future?

Tips for new streamers is to go to other streams, whether it is a top badge or not, and engage with them. Get to know them. After some time, get in their boxes. Favorite people you meet. In your own streams, think of something that will keep people coming back whether its humor, dressing up in cosplay, having giveaways, or playing games. Do something to get noticed. That makes people remember you. Engage with your audience. Try and make friends!

Usually, I ask this first, but wanted to save this for last, who is the Viking Queen, what makes you the person who you are, you (If you would like to get personal you can, if not that is fine as well)? 

Well, as for who I am, my name is Tammy. I'm a Mom (step) to some wonderful children. It was one of the best things to happen in my life when I came into the family. My family is very important to me. Something we like to say a lot is "Eastside." It's an inside family thing. Whether it is blood or those who are chosen to be, family is important. This was especially true after I lost the love of my life, my fat guy Sam. He was my world. I wear a bullet necklace with his ashes. I never take it off except to sleep and shower. Life has not been easy for my family and me since, but we are trying to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together. We have been able to move on, but it has not been easy. He is a big inspiration for me to do better in my life. And I love being able to just sit at home or at my families respective houses and spend time together watching T.V., cooking for each other, or just playing cards. Mostly Spades. I love my family.

What kind of talents does Viking Queen have?

I'm an artist, and I am a hardcore gamer of all types of different games. From old gen consoles such as Atari, NES, SNES, GameCube, Sega, etc up to the PS4. Not really an an Xbox fan tho. Although I do have an account. I'm a poet but you wouldn't know it! I'm also a singer. I love music. I participated in Chorus and Marching band all through school, and I played the Clarinet and the Flute. I decided to work more on my voice. I participated in competitions all through my childhood and up through college where I minored in Music Voice Performance. I am a sister of Sigma Alpha Lota International Music Fraternity. I did a semester of Opera Workshop which is theater music performance. Music is a big part of my life.  Although I had not done any perfoming for an audience again until recently. But whether singing at home, karaoke or performing for an audience in shows like The Unstoppable Idol, I just love music. I just struggle sometime because I do have alot of medical problems which make daily living difficult, and I am H.O.H. (hard of hearing) too. But I don't let that hold me back. I also have started trying to learn ASL as well. Which is a beautiful culture and beautiful language. It does not get enough recognition and it should.

Social Media: tiktok - duckingvikingqueen, Instagram - vikingqueeen420, Twitter - DuckVikingQueen, Twitch - duckingvikingqueen