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Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Reg?

My name is Reggie Roman a.k.a. U-NYC. I’m a Music Producer, Composer, Hip-Hop MC, Dancer, Singer/Songwriter, Video Director, Editor, Special Effects and Digital Graphics Artist. One word that I would use to describe myself is Perseverance. Coming from a very tough upbringing, living in one of the worst neighborhoods in the Bronx, New York City, I have managed to defy the odds faced by my peers and succeeded by attending college, obtaining two AS degrees, a Bachelor’s degree - working on a second, produced four hip-hop albums (working on a fifth & a single), and work as a private contractor in the Music and Video Production industry.

Now you create and produce your own music? Tell me about that? What made you decide that was something that you wanted to do in your life? How did you get started? Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Yes, I do create and produce my own music. In a nutshell, what this entails is through my musical education, experience, and divine inspiration I construct complex drum beats and compose intricate yet aesthetically pleasing musical patterns whether it be melodic or rhythmic in nature using cutting edge music software like Apple Logic and MIDI virtual instruments. In addition, I record live instruments using studio grade professional microphones, an audio mixing board and Pro Tools - the industry standarddigital audio recording software to mix, and master all my music.

What made me decide that this was something that I wanted to do in my life was for one, since I was always a young child living in the birthplace of hip-hop music (Bronx, NY), I was saturated with those same sounds daily. My love for the music grew exponentially! Consequently, the main event that I experienced during that time which had a great influence on my decision to produce this type of music and more was when I was 11 years old. I was riding bike with my brother during the evening when we passed by a local park near our home. It just so happened at that time there was a large DJ/concert going on. I watched in amazement as various street DJ’s, local Mc’s, and dancers all performed live while the crowd screamed and partied to the best sounds of hip hop, r&b, dance, and pop music. I knew at that very moment that I not only wanted to become a producer of this type of music but a live performer/ entertainer as well.

Well, how I got started was about 5 1/2 years ago, I had moved to Deltona, Florida. At the time, I had recently purchased two Technique 1200 turntables, a Gemini mixer, a microphone along with a Sony amp and a couple of very powerful Kenwood tower speakers each equipped with two '12-inch cones. I soon became completely absorbed into perfecting my skills as a DJ. Every day after work, I would spend hours on the set grinding and experimenting with different ways to scratch and blend the plethora of records that I had collected. Over the next year, I soon became quite masterful on the wheels of steel and started DJ' ing parties locally at first and eventually from Orlando all the way up to Daytona Beach.

However, my passion for Music and love of cinematography pushed me to go further and pursue a career as a successful Music Producer, Hip-Hop MC, Composer, Songwriter / Video Director in the Entertainment Industry.After some thought, I knew what I had to do. I told my parents that I had decided to enroll in college and pursue a career in Music and Video Production. Soon after, I quit my job, and at first enrolled in the Music Production and Technology Program at Valencia College. Not worried about the high amount of risk involved, I was going for broke. From the first day there on I stayed in grind mode, putting in long hours at the studio setting up microphones, working the mixing board during recording sessions, and in the MIDI Lab composing new songs using the latest software. I must admit, when I first entered the program, I had very limited knowledge about Music Production let alone Audio Technology. However, after only a year, I was already accomplishing things that I never thought I could do.

For instance, as I entered my final semester I had composed, and produced enough music to record, mix, and master an entire album. This was accomplished by using the most advanced MIDI software – Logic and Reason – that was available in the MIDI Lab located adjacent to the studio. It was at this time that I enrolled in the Music Production class where I became an actual Music Producer for school Record Label. For my Final Project, I successfully recorded, mixed, and mastered all the songs - using the latest version of Pro Tools as well as all Digidesign outboard gear - for my Debut release Hip-Hop album “First Incursion - The Soundtrack”. It received high praises by the instructor and fellow students. The album was proudly featured on the School Label’s personal website and was made available for Download on there I-Tunes account.I had truly gone above and beyond what any other student had ever accomplished in the program.

After accomplishing this great achievement, I successfully graduated from the program near the top 10% of my class. Normally, one would feel a great sense of satisfaction with bright hopes for the future right? On the contrary, that was not the case for me. To my surprise, I still had a yearning to learn more and had heard about a new program that had started up a few years prior to my arrival at Valencia – it was the Digital Media Technology Program. This program tweaked my interest further when after reviewing its curriculum, it had a special track that included learning the art of shooting video/film, special effects motion graphics and web design for the internet. All this fit into what I wanted to do as a Producer - to have the ability to shoot video and design my own website for my very own private Entertainment company.Hence, without any hesitation, I immediately enrolled in the program as soon as I graduated with my first degree.

To make a long story short, not only did I graduate with that degree as well but, I accomplished things that I thought I could never do. One of my great accomplishments was that I successfully wrote, storyboarded, Directed, Lit, shot, edited, and did the special effects – green screened the entire bar/club sequence –for a music video off the title track “Absolute” for my debut album. Another great feat I accomplished was one of the other goals I had set out to do before entering the program – to design my own website for my private Entertainment Company. Using Photoshop (which I had no previous experience with) I was able to design a professional looking website that was deemed functional and praised by my instructor and fellow students. Once again, I had gone above and beyond not only from what other students have done but my very own expectations as well.

As of today, I am enrolled at UCF as a senior on the eve of graduating with a Second Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television Production with a minor in Music. Also, I am working in the Entertainment industry as a freelance Music Producer/Filmmaker. To be honest, I am very proud at what I have accomplished over my young career but am still hungry to do more and experience further growth. Currently, I am very busy working on several projects ranging from personal (as mentioned above) to client – based.

Lastly, some of my musical inspirations goes as follows: Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Big Pun & Fat Joe, KRS-1, Rakim, EPMD, Joel Ortiz, Dave East, NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Tupac, The Game, Michael Jackson, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Tears for Fears, Boy George, A-Ha, Bruno Mars, Adele, Sam Smith, DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, DJ Paul Oakenfold, DJ David Guetta, and SIA to name a few.

You are streamer on MeetMe. Do you stream on any other platforms? How long have you been a streamer? What has your experience been?

Yes, I’m a streamer on MeetMe and no I don’t really stream on any other platforms. I have been streaming for about a year and 8 months now.

My experience for the most part has been mostly positive. I have met many people from around the world, made some true friends, became an active member in four families on the app, and received much love and support from all.However, I have as many others who use this app have come across my fair share of Bullying, Hating, Trolls, fake people, Snakes, Scammers, and Backstabbers. This is an unfortunate side effect of social media nowadays due to the fact that access to the internet has become easy, remains deregulated, and mostly uncensored. I have done my best to avoid and block the drama and conflict that these negative forces/people try to bring to my stream or while visiting in another person's live stream. Nevertheless, whenever I do cross path with these types of people I just ignore and stay focused on accomplishing my goals on the app. It’s they who have the problem, not I.

Also, I sincerely wish they would seek mental help and hope they have a speedy recovery for their issues. A final thought, even though MeetMe has beefed up their security to deal with bullying as well as the other problems/ people I mentioned above with the implementation of Modbot and other measures, I feel that there is still more that needs to be done in order to minimize if not flat out eliminate it altogether. One suggestion I have is to create a live task force that randomly goes into various streams and can be called to ensure all drama and negative behavior is eliminated.

Another way is to make it faster and easier for streamers and viewers to report trolls along with hateful speech and receive swift action from an actual admin on active duty. Lastly, establishing more stricter sign up/background checks in order to help curb and stop unsavory people from creating troll accounts to use maliciously against streamers and viewers alike. I believe if these measures are created and enforced by MeetMe/Skout corporate, it would vastly improve the present state of the app and make it a more safe and fun experience for all users.

You have been a contestant on the show The Unstoppable Idol in Top Badge Tha Idol's livestream. You have been on the show not only once but thrice. You were a finalist on Season 6 and Season 8 and 11. Finally, your efforts were rewarded and you were named an All Star by Tha IDOL himself.

Can you tell me about your experience on the show? What did you like and dislike
about it? Do you think you will compete again?

My experience on the show Unstoppable IDOL has been mostly positive, highly beneficial, and truly rewarding. Being a part of IDOL has boosted my confidence and self-esteem one hundred-fold. Not to mention, it has increased my prowess as an artist and live entertainer as well. This is because it has allowed me to overcome the anxiety of performing my talent in front of large crowds while doing so at the highest level.

What I liked about the show Unstoppable Idol was the following:
1. I liked the fact that I get the opportunity to perform on the number one most electrifying talent competition on MeetMe/Skout in front of a large viewing audience, displaying my talent and skills while entertaining the crowd and making their day.
2. I liked that I was also able to promote, market, and network my brand as well as gain many new fans to my live stream, my music sites and YouTube channel on the internet.
3. Along with expert feedback and coaching from professional judges like Hashi and Chris Casper, the show has enabled me to expand my talents as a rapper, singer, songwriter, as well as a live performer. Furthermore, the show has allowed me to grow into a more complete Producer/Artist as well as reach deep into myself and discover what kind of artist I truly can become.

What I disliked about the show Unstoppable Idol was the following:
1. I disliked that even though the show is heavily guarded by bouncers, there are still a number of trolls who are allowed to post negative and hateful comments on the stream before they are kicked out altogether.
2. The audio/video quality on such a promoted, top rated show on the app - especially when it comes to performers in the box - is mediocre to poor. It definitely needs to be tweaked and enhanced to sound and look more polished and professional.
3. A final dislike I have is the deliberations and judging process to determine who the winners are for every season on the show. Although it has been fairly efficient, I don’t totally agree with the criteria for selecting new judges and the points-based system that is employed. As observed from both past and recent history, it is my belief that certain contestants who were voted off while others who remained and eventually moved on to win the competition was done so in an unfair and biased manner. Despite my displeasure in saying this, the ugly head of favoritism has played a minor role in the determination process. A solid solution to this problem in my opinion is to allow the viewers to vote who they believe should be finalist and winners of each season of Unstoppable IDOL. Once the process of integrating fan voting with the final determinations by the judges is perfected, I am certain that coming up with the right and proper winners for each show and season of IDOL will become a reality.

Finally, as far as thinking about competing again for IDOL, my response is – I
already am my guy! I’ll be competing as an All Star for All Star Season volume 2on
Unstoppable Idol starting December 1st. I get the golden opportunity to battle against the previous 6 seasons winners with a chance to win it all, and join Vol. 1 winner Jamie in becoming the Second Undisputed Unstoppable Idol! YAAASSS!

Do you have any advice and tips for anyone wanting to become a streamer? What do you have planned for your future in streaming? Is there anything that you would do differently?

My advice and tips for anyone wanting to becoming a streamer are the following:
1. Make sure you have a purpose or mission statement as to why you want to become a live streamer. If you don’t know the true reason why you want to do this then it’s a good chance you're just going to waste your time and quit like so many others.
2. Always try to have a goal in mind when you decide to stream. Whether it be diamonds, favorites, to promote your social media pages or product you might be selling on the net, or like me an artist/entertainer who enjoys performing their music live for the viewers while plugging their music/video websites and attempting to network with other musicians on the app.
3. Last but not least, you need to have thick skin and learn how to deal with trolls, haters, and bullies while streaming on the app. I mentioned above a few ways how the app and I myself handle them when I live stream. However, the best advice I could give one in this regard is to not to let them get you in your feelings or stoop to their level. Always try to be the better person and find ways to turn the tables on them. For example, you can take the negative energy they are directing towards you and turn it into something that benefits you and your stream. The more they run their mouth and spam the chat, the higher you trend and the more viewers are likely to come to your stream. That’s one way you can steal their power and use it to your advantage. Of course, there are limits to how far you will allow them to disrespect you before you need to block. However, by that time you would have had the opportunity to expose their idiotic and hateful nature and at the same time turned a negative event in your stream to a positive!

Next, whatI have planned for my future in streaming is for one, I would continue to try to upgrade the total experience for my viewers. I can achieve this by improving my background, lighting, and sound.Purchasing the appropriate supplies, and equipment including a quality microphone and the I-RIG - a cool device that takes all external sound from your computer and mic and feeds it directly into the phone via headphone or charger port -would improve the overall sound quality of my stream immensely. This is very important for someone like myself who actually is a musical Artist that performs live and direct for my viewers enjoyment. Any way that I could enhance and improve my livestream will only aid me in accomplishing my mission on the app as well as increase the overall enjoyment of it for my viewers and fans alike.

Further, other things I have planned arethese two elements:
1. Use this platform to help secure more private contracting gigs and a full-time position working with a reputable recording studio, label, or film company.
2. Also, utilize this app to aid me in achieving my ultimate ambition - to eventually own and operate my very own Major Independent Record Label / Film Production Company. There, I would continue to produce hi-quality productions, consult, develop, and assist young talent to achieve their goals in the Entertainment Industry.How I would make this happen is by eventually sending out blasts calling all musicians, producers, actors, filmmakers, VIP badges, and MeetMe/Skout top brass executives to my streams in order to do a Live business style presentations. During this stream I would propose the idea for the creation of a Music/Film Production Company operated by me and funded by investors potentially under the flag of MeetMe/Skout corporation.

Last but not least,I wouldn’t really do things much differently as far my experience as a
viewer and later a streamer is concerned. The only thing I would have donedifferently
iseverything I am currently doing now only sooner. When I started out streaming, I
just sat down, played my music, and podcast radio shows I had done. But now, I actually I
stand up and perform for my audience - rap, sing, and dance - and put on a great show. More
than ever, my viewers greatly appreciate my efforts by spamming the chat, the hearts, and are
gifting more frequently. I believe if I had done all these things sooner my goals and mission
on the app would be much further along than it is now. Other than that, I am satisfied with my

growth and development as a streamer on one of the best social media apps on the net –

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