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Name: Meet Me - Danie

Meet Me Name: Meet Me - Danie

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Unique ID: QMJVP35R

Danie, Thank you for taking the time to fill out these questions. I hope that they help you get viewers, and your viewers get to know you better.

Danie, who are you and what makes you the person you are today?

Im just a girl in Idaho. I love getting to know new people and I’m a live streamer on the meetme app. 

What do you like to do for fun, and what are your hobbies?

Theres a lot! I really enjoy trivia, geography, summer outdoor activities, cooking, tv shows and music. My fav possessions are my 2 adorable, long haired, white cats: Arctic & Peaches. 

What are your themes of your lives? How do you attract people to your live?

My stream is a work in progress but there’s definitely those moments of laughter and fun. I make sure to really involve everyone that comments, thank people for their input/gifts, and ask or answer any questions. I love how it’s never the same stream twice. 

How long have you been on Meet Me, and what are your goals of being on the APP?

I’ve been using meetme prior to them adding the Live feature so at least 3 years. I went live back in June 2018 for my first time. I was hooked! I’ve met quite a few people in person and hope to meet more too. The app helps me deal with feeling lonely or bored. For me, it’s been a great tool for those things. 

Have you met anyone from the app? How was your experience?

A few years ago I met a girl that became my roommate for about a year. She was also in my first ever live stream. Unfortunately she doesn’t use the app anymore. I’ve met a couple others including a few dates. But we won’t talk about them lol. 

Do you have any tips for streamers who might be struggling to meet their goals?

Yes. The app is more intricate and dynamic than it first appears. Join other streams and get ideas. You don’t have to copy them but it can be a way to expand your own creativity. Don’t ever be fake cause people see through that. Make your stream fun and you can evenoffer something in return to give back to the gifters. 

Do you have anything that you would like to mention that I might have missed?

Thank you for doing what you do, I appreciate the chance to be up here on the website. If your reading this, please go to the meetme app, find me and favorite me! 

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