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Name: Meet Me - Ian Steven

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You play music, how did you get started, and who are your influences in music?

“I started playing the guitar at the age of 10. It was a musical instrument that my mom wanted to me to learn at that time because she used to be able to play it too. I only started singing at age 16 when I signed up for my school’s talent showcase. Furthermore, my biggest influence in music would be my guitar teacher. He thought me to see music from all aspects of art and life. He never discriminates any genre and he always teach me to understand it. He is a rare gem when it comes to finding a great music mentor.”

Who are your favorite musicians?

“I do sing a lot of pop music. Therefore, my music idols will be Michael Jackson and Lee Hom Wang. Both of legends in the industry as they always try to be ahead of their time when it comes to creating new waves of music.”

What instruments do you play, and do you speak multiple languages?

“The instruments that I can play very well are the guitar and the ukulele. I can also beatbox if you can consider my mouth as an instrument. Hahaha…Besides that I can speak multiple languages for example, English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien and Cantonese. I do understand a little bit of Tagalog and Japanese as well too.”

What are your goals in life, what does the future hold for you?

“My goals are very simple. The ultimate goal that I’ve set for myself is to actually inspire someone in my field of expertise. As a film and video producer and upcoming director I wish to inspire the younger generation to be more exposed into this industry the correct way. I’m just lucky to have found mentors in my life to actually teach and guide me to do better and I wish to do the same too.”

You were on Hoops Got Talent, on the Meet Me app, how was that experience for you, and would you do it again?

“Hoops’sMeetMe’s Got Talent show was an amazing experience. I’ve gathered more connections as made a few more friends along the way. Initially, I joined the auditions just to show support for a fellow judge on season 6 which is Remy K. Remy is one of the first few people that I’ve met on stream and ever since then we are brothers. However, I will consider again to join the upcoming seasons when the timing is right.”

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to get into music?

“Passion, Patience and Confidence is what you will need to achieve any goal in life. So, going into music is the same thing too. Keep grinding with passion, have the patience to practice and get better at what you do and be confident to actually execute them when the time comes.”

You perform your own original songs, how long does it take to write the songs, what prompts you to write them?

“I do write a lot of original music. If it’s not for me, it’s for others. I do a lot of my song writing based of anything in life. For example, “Till the day we meet”the song that I sang on Chris Casper’s Suited Up was inspired by a movie named “Collateral Beauty.” So, I still have this mindset that my music mentor gave me which is to see music in all aspects of art and life.”

Have you ever considered going on a television show such as The Voice, or American Idol?

“No, I never. I’ve auditioned for Asia’s Got Talent once when I was in a duo band called Impromp2. We didn’t make it passed auditions because we didn’t wow the producer I guess. Hahaha…But anyway, as a producer myself in the entertainment industry I can see the amount of effort being put into making a great show for the audience. So, I do respect people who actually curate shows like these.”

What are your streams like on Meet Me, do you have any themes to them?

“My stream mainly consist of me singing and entertaining people. I do however have a couple of shows that I’ve recently setup. First show is called Warframe Wednesday, where I stream myself playing Warframe and the second show is Wow Me Friday, a show where anybody can request my box and showcase their talent. If they manage to “Wow” me, the will get a surprised gift from me. Besides, I will also battle some talented people on stream to actually wow the viewers. That way people will get a taste on how talented people can be on the app.”

Is there anything else I might have missed that you would like to add?

“So, in case you are wondering why I have a vampire clan, that’s because there was a time where I did a 36 hours stream. Hahaha… So, don’t be afraid we won’t bite. On top of that, I will also like to say that it was a life changing experience to actually start streaming on this app. I’ve gained so much as a person and I’ve always gain so much more support in real life and I hope to give back to the community. Like my moto in life, “Make happy, be happy, people!”

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