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Name: Ginger David

Meet Me Name: Ginger David

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Hello Ginger David!! Thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview!

Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you tick? Who is Ginger David?

Let me start by saying I am humbled to be chosen for this interview! Pretty much I'm an all around nerd! I love music, I'm just an all around goofball, and I love who I am. The only thing that really makes me tick is when women don't call themselves beautiful. All women are amazing, and you guys deserve to pat yourself on the back! Also Ginger David is me. I am myself there is nothing more to say I don't want to have the whole streamer personality. I am who I am, and I love who I am!

How long have you been a streamer? What got you started into streaming? Was there an original goal you had when you started? Have you ever met anyone online from an app like this? What kind of experience did you have? What streaming platforms do you use? Do you plan to try any diferent platforms in the future?

I'd say I've been streaming roughly a year and a half. What got me started into streaming was the want to be a twitch streamer but having no experience I've sort of wanted to use MeetMe as a platform to be a better streamer. This was my ultimate goal. To build the confidence to stream on Twitch. Ultimately this is the plan, but I still want to dedicate some time to MeetMe, because after all it is where I got my start! And I have to be humble about that! I've met people off of MeetMe in real life, but prior to streaming. no I've never met anyone in person from online. The experiences I've had off of MeetMe meeting people were amazing! That's how I formed an amazing bond with my best friends (shout out to Clit Farquaad Lindsay Ursula and Moose)! Currently at the moment, I'm only on MeetMe, but I plan on moving forward to Twitch and YouTube! (STAY TUNED)

What kinds of things do you do in your spare time? What are some hobbies? What do you do for a living? What are you interets and inspirations?

I'm a huge nerd on of my favorites past times besides streaming was larp the first character I played was a minotaur named Darrius Roughide I had the full blown minotaur legs a steel helmest with was a blast I played that character for a year and the 2nd year I went to larp before my job and school cut that short was a halfling by the name of Orion Wolfbane I have a dedicated backstory to this character that I wanted to fulfill essentially he was the closest i could get to a werewolf without crossing genres into the vampire/werewolf game that larp also ran! For a living at the moment I work at a hotel at the front desk I plan on going back to school to get a degree in IT. Basically my main interests are streaming and larping I feel larping also helped in my streaming "career" because as a character to talk to random townsfolk it slightly builds up your confidence and to pick and choose words correctly so you dont have an unforeseen assassination attempt on your character by those you tried to help. At some point in time my inspiration to have a full time job with twitch and YouTube you do for hobbies/spare time.

Do you have a theme or show in your streams? What are your streams like? Why did you choose Ginger David as your screen name? Why did you pick a whale for your emoji? What are your thoughts on use of emoji's to identify people?

The only theme I suppose to my streams are the whales that decorate my room. My streams are a positive place where ANY subject is not off the table if your having a bad day lets talk about it my viewers are the most important thing to me so I'm not afraid to have a talky live where we talk about problems of people and so forth. The name Ginger David came to me because well I am a ginger and my name is David so I guess in a way its saying be who you are and be proud of it! The whale came as to be my emoji because when I say well my friends were thinking I was saying whale damn and from there it was stuck. As far as emojis recognizing others its helpful and hurtful I'd say I've seen firsthand someone complain blue in the face that an emoji was theres (no names will ne named) also I love seeing the emoji in my streams it really shows who has your back and wants to be a part of your streams!

Have you had to deal with any negative experiences in the streaming community? You currently have close to 2 million in diamonds. How has the experience been for you? Anything you dislike about it? What plans do you have for future streams? Do you plan on working to aquire a Top Badge on MeetMe?

Yes I have had quite a few negative experiences mostly trolls saying ih your ugly so on and so forth but you can brush that off, the person complaining about the emoji was in my stream but that subject is so old anymore I dont bring it up. The ride to almost 2 million has been amazing I wouldnt want my streams any other way the people I've come to know have all been so supportive of me and it's truly a blessing to have such amazing support behind what you do even if people dont drop diamonds shout out to all 2,879 favorites yall still MVPs in your own right. I'm not the type of person to try and plan so put me strapped in a car and I'm ready for wherever the rollercoaster that is streaming to take me including many ups and downs and side to sides I love the ride none the less! As far as a badge is concerned on meetme if it happens it happens I have had aspirations to become a top badge and have tried many months but I'm not opposed if it does but if it doesnt oh whale!

Do you have any tips for those out there coming into the streaming world?

I say this to my live all the time people coming to me asking for tips oh how is your stream so cool etc. etc. The number one tip for streaming is to BE YOURSELF you dont need lights you dont need a background I've gone above and beyond that as long as you are yourself the people that have the same opinions and interests as you will find you by some way of interaction after all the internet is a large place but we most often associate with those of the same interests! I appreciate the time for the interview so much I appreciate this amazing opportunity if you asked me a year and a half ago I'd be sitting where I'm at 2 contests won under my belt and also sitting at almost 2.9k favs and just under 2 million diamonds I'd tell you straight up that will never happen but I always say streaming is a team effort you entertain and the viewers will drop diamonds/conversate/and all around want to get to know you and I've done that be being me and I'm so glad that I've had the pleasure to meet every single person that has set foot into my streams seriously it's all still mind boggling to me that I am where I am and my viewers are most of the reason why everyone pat yourself on the back seriously I will never say streaming is an an I thing it's always me AND my viewers thank you guys and gals. WHALE DAMN LOOK AT THE TIME I GOTTA RUN (also shout out to THE MOTHA DUCKING VIKING QUEEN for the opportunity to be interviewed!)

Social Media: Instagram: _ginger_david_mm
Also at some point I will be starting up twitch stay tuned for that adventure!

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