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Your name is Brandon, please tell us who you are, and what makes you the person you are today.

My name is Brandon Hartwig, Im a single dad of 3 and ive been playing guitar since i was 16 years old,
it started out with my mom leaving me on my 16th birthday so she could run off and do what she wanted.
A few months later as an "Im sorry" She bought me my first guitar And it became my Safe Space, Basically
whenever i was down or felt alone or needed reassurance i would teach myself a new song or write one of
my own to show my passion or how i was feeling in that moment, and from then on it became apart of me.

You have a band, when did you start the band, what is the band’s name, and what kind of music do you play?

As far as my "Band" it kinda just happened ive always just played solo or made songs for myself i never tried to
be in a band directly, then one day i was playing and my buddy was like i know a guy who plays drums and has a lot of
instruments i think you guys would get along, so last week i went to his house and we met up i played him my newest song
and he asked for a recording of it so i sent him my soundcloud link to the song and within 5 tries he made a drum track to it.
When we played on the Chris C4sper show that was actually only our second time playing with one another, But we "vibed"
and once musicians vibe like that its an instant bond that will never fade. As far as a name we dont have one. All we have is
a Guitarist and a Drummer. And the music we play i guess could be considered Rock or Alternative.

You live stream, when you started, how was your first experience?

In January of 2019 is when i started streaming it was just an outlet for me to pass the time and meet new people.
I would just play guitar or draw on lives, and its kinda when i got started. I didnt take it that seriously until i found
out what a top badge was and what they did and how it all worked, Once i finally saw the potential is when i set
my mind on the idea that i wanted to be a top badge. So i made connections and made friends and put myself out
there. After about a month of streaming i decided to take a break from it and kinda did my own thing for a few months.
Then i came back in june and started streaming on meetme and and i created the first concept of "the Game"
The Game is something i made to pass the time during battles on meetme instead of just staring at random people
for 3 minutes i wanted to make it interesting. So the way the game works when the battles start ill say " Would you like to
play a game? Theay get a little confused and skeptical at first but once they finally agree ill tell them that the "game" is called
"Guess That Song". Then their like oh okay lets play, then i break down the rules. Ill tell them you have Oldies which is 70's to
80's, You have New which is 90's to Now, You pick old or new and then easy or hard. Ill play the song, you guess the artist and title,
If you get it wrong i will drop hints to help before we go.

How has Meet Me been beneficial to you, have you met anyone from the app?

Meetme at first was honestly just a place for me to meet girls, then i discovered the Live Streams and how amazing and close the
Community was, and i wanted to be apart of that, ive met some of my closest friends supporters and even loves on this app.
I dont know where id be right now if i didnt have this App honestly.

What instrument(s) do you play?

I play Guitar, Bass, And Piano

Who are your and members and what do they play?

My members are myself And my Friend David. He plays Drums mostly but dabbles with guitar and piano as well.

Do you guys plan on playing live or have you?

Other than the Chris C4sper Show no weve never played live i wold love to eventually.

Who are your musical influences for you, and the band?

My musical influences are System of a down, ASking alexandria, And A Day To Remember.

Do you have any social media where we can find your music?

I Have soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and of course meetme,
Drexx_OG is my soundcloud, Brandon Michael Hartwig is my facebook, Drexx_OG is my snap, And Bmhartwig0618 is my Insta.
My Meetme is Drexx_og0618

What are your lives like when you do go live?

Usually When i have Fair Connection My lives are active full of music and entertainment

What are your goals in life?

My Biggest Goal in life is to strive not survive and give my kids a life they deserve.

What are your hobbies besides meet me, what do you like to do for fun?

I play guitar, piano and draw, im also a novelist i have 5 chapters of my book published i also love video games and anything techy.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years i hope that all this will pay off and i wont have to "Work my ass off" anymore and just enjoy my life.

Is there anything else you would like to mention that I might have missed?

No i think that covers it all.

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