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Everyone knows you as a fun loving couple that loves the stream. Who is Quinn and Jay? Tell us about yourselves.

We are really caregivers of another human being 24/7, and a whole lot of animals. That's what we do when we're off the air. James has brain damage and we take care of him 24/7. He is my brother. Other than that, I used to be sit on the board of a nonprofit, reptile sanctuary that closed down now, but we still have all the animals. We're just not accepting new ones. We have a lot of animals to take care of. 

JT was semi retired a construction company owner. Met her on here over a year ago. We hooked up like each other came down to visit came back a few months later. We stayed together and I moved down here from Wisconsin. And now we stream together every day!  also play professional disc golf. Just like God, but with frisbees. It's a lot of fun. When I get a chance. We're usually too busy on here at the house. But I like to jump to this when I get a chance. And I like go beer. Jay said that's cool. Any kangaroos know we manage mostly reptiles and wildlife? Hard to handle animals that bite? Snakes? Yeah, monitors and lot of monitors. The whole Zoo full of dogs. Got an awesome day!

What are the themes of your shows? And do you do different things and what attracts us to your stream?

Well, I don't know what attracts the viewers. I think because we're we make y'all laugh is what I would think. They never tell me what attracts us. We do have different themes. We have bouncer answer question night where it doesn't matter what you ask, even if you ask how my day is one bouncer who's quick typing and witty, will answer all and any questions. Doesn't matter what it is. You can ask me if I like chocolate and the bouncer is going to answer it. We have trivia night, and some new things that are coming. We're going to have wig Wednesday, and versus Thursday. And then different kind of theme nights are coming up because of Halloween.

Yeah, well, we'll be testing over five, six or seven nights for Halloween. We're gonna be doing playing lots of new games coming up. We also do I draw backgrounds in the background, the reviews that a con.Like that will dress up with those.

We also send postcards out once a month to lucky viewers. You don't have to if you are a big gift, or you're more than likely going to get it. But just being a viewer put if we have your address put you into the running for postcards have screenshots of the show. They just kind of look like this. And it just as a thank you saying, you know, just stuff like that. You could be you could be represented on one if you've gotten in the box or done a versus with us. So that's the different things we do. I'm right at the top.

How do you guys spend your time outside of meet me and off the app? What kind of things do you like to do? And what kind of hobbies do you have?

JT just taught me how to play disc golf. I paint. We have a lot of animals. Like I said, that when we're off the air, we do laundry. Yeah, we like to go out to eat.

We try not to get recognized in public. Draw a lot we do. He paints a lot. I don't I don't draw as much or paint as much as I used to. But he still gets it. Yeah. Yes, it is a hobby.

Or not. We stream a lot.

We stream a lot. Thank you, Jesse. Anyone who just came in the room, we're being interviewed by Jay right now. So if you'll be patient with us, and we'll we will get this. When this is over. We'll give you all the attention you need. Nice. Thanks for coming in. Yeah, we stream a lot. This is this is how we pay our bills. So the more we're on, the better chance we have of earning the income we need to keep doing this. To eat to eat.

Jay, does it take away from your account? Quinn live streams all the time? Has it been a hard struggle to get where you are?

No, not really. I enjoy streaming we stream together most of the time. I hit my million. I just wanted to hit a million on my account after that. Now when I stream myself my stream on this account. I have a mind every once while depends on a kind of mood.

Yeah, thanks, God. That didn't really take away anything.

And if you want to see the interview guys, it's at Again, that's

We enjoy streaming together, we have a lot more fun.

What is the future for the Quinn and Jay show? What kind of direction are you going to take it?

We are hoping to have more steady scheduled programming and get a sponsor. That's every live streamers. Yeah, goal is to get a sponsor and a YouTube channel going you to get maybe a podcast down the line.

Oh, you already are matchy. matchy said she'd sponsor TF out of us. That'd be awesome. I'm telling you right now she already does. every viewer in here helps us a lot. Oh, thank you, Jay. That would be great. We'd love to help with that. We had we had a producer and he stole everything we had. And he was running our YouTube and he got mad and took everything.

What has been your ups and downs with meet me? If you were to tell me one thing you would like to be fixed? What would it be?

Okay. My ups and downs with me would be getting them to respond to emails a timely manner and fix certain things that go on like contest or little things where you're, I don't know where they you're in it. And then two hours before they redo all the numbers, and everybody that was in the top 10 is now in the top, you know, top 20. And I just don't understand that part. And the one thing I would change is the fix versus the echo and the greens and giving. You all we should have all the want because there's nothing that says I should have to sit there and look at someone's private for three and a half minutes because I ran out of skips and I don't want to back my stream off.

And also I do a lot of verses when I live by myself in a after about seven or eight green screens you It gives you out you have a good live going, you gotta restart it all because you can kicked out for no reason and I agree with you do for it kicks people out of your stream, when you go into the verse, some of your favorite people get kicked out and then they get tired of it. So I don't do verses as much as I used to because some of my regulars are like I get kicked out every time you go in reverse. Please don't do them. Okay, well, then I'm not going to do them.

Was the echoes of sound? Yeah.

Yeah. And but it's gotten better. I can say this. It has gotten better from when it started. You know, but other than that, that's that's what I that would be my one changes to really fix versus

We met anyone off the app and how was the experience? We met each other on the app? Yeah, it's great. And we have met a lot of people off that we have met other top badges we have met other viewers would have VidCon we're going to play it. Yes. We have metal I can't even tell you how many people we met and they have all been really good experience. Oh, yeah. Sure. MB is one of them. Yes, Tipsy space pinup guy. Just the list goes on going on and catch char Holly. Yeah Over sure. For sure. Yes. So we went to dinner with Carla. Carla mama K, which is Carly and Karen Yea mother and daughter the stream Yeah. Coming up will definitely be a playlist we had a tattoo artists travel clear across the country to come tattoo.

Do you have any tips for new streamers or streamers are struggling?

Don't give up.
There's a lot of people on here.

Keep your play by the rules. Thank you Jason. play by the rules. So the rest of us can continue to play by them. That's the one thing I hate is I have to play by the rules and a lot of people on here don't and that part sucks. Because that's my main thing is if you play by the rules everybody else will to the more people who do what He tells us to do to keep this a clean site, the more that it's going to spread and so that's my main thing is play by the rules don't have a premium Snapchat. Don't Don't push a way to get diamond way to get money off the air. Yeah.

Stuff like that. That would be me. That would be what I would say have thick skin Don't let everyone hurt your feelings.

You're giving them exactly what they want exactly. Be in charge of your live. Don't let your bouncers run it.

Yeah, don't sell your soul

Exactly. Don't sell your soul for diamonds on your string have a show? Yeah, have a show talk to everyone. Don't pay attention who's given or not giving pay attention who's coming in and out and hanging because the gifts are going to come if you're giving everybody what they need because they're going to give you what you need if they're getting what they need from you. And that's what this is about. You're you're providing a entertainment service which turns into a real friendship and family with everyone but for me to stay on I have to get diamonds. So I in return we have to give each other what we need to keep this going is how I look at it.

Yes, we as we all know that Jason? Last question guys.

Is there anything else we like to tell the viewers that are reading your interview?

Come hang out in our live I promise you you'll need it. You'll have the best time you've ever had and you won't have wasted your minutes sharing them with us. Yeah. Favorite his favorite Jay favorite on the back. There's a show some love. Be real, be good. Or be good at it. e love you to Ivan's eyes We that's our first interview guys with JJ.

Oh, you're welcome.

Any comments for Jay guys?

We all need to get ahold of him or wonder how to get this interview talk to him favorite him. Check him out. support him. I'd appreciate it. Let's get back to show. Hey, drip. I heard you were in jail. Michie I love you. Fun sighs What the hell is going on OUJOKJ

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