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Name: Journalist - Deborah Kobylt

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Thank you Deborah Kobylt for taking the time to answer these questions, sorry that it took a while to get to you. I hope that this interview helps viewers to get to know you better, and that it helps you gain new viewers for interviews that you create.

Who is Deborah Kobylt and what kind of people do you like to interview?

Deborah Zara Kobylt is a journalist interested in stories about people who have persevere, who try, keep going. I enjoy telling stories of people that others may have discounted. The underdog. And also those who made it in their chosen profession to find out what obstacles they had along the way and what mental exercises they practiced to keep going. I’m a mom of three boys, a hiker, marathoner, biker, traveler. I’m not perfect, but I try to be kind. I’m tough but deeply sensitive. Someone once called me “complicated.”

Who was your favorite interview, and why?

I don’t have a favorite interview. I have many. Jeanie Buss. Her struggles to manage a team despite intense criticism. What it’s like growing up Buss. John Travolta. Deep down, he’s an Italian boy from NJ and we related. Keri Kasem. For caring so deeply about her dad and fighting for the rights of the elderly. Ordinary moms, people who struggle, female astronauts, scientists, authors.

Who has influenced you, and why?
My influences? Mom and dad. Deeply complicated, different, loving to the end. They always were there for me as support. Always to talk to. And they are Italian and I feel a true bond with my Italian roots from NJ and Italy. I didn’t have many female journalists in my scope growing up. So I had to trust my instincts on where I was going, which led me well lending jobs on CNN, Fox11LA, K-Cal9

What other platforms have you been on besides Television? What kind of journalism do you do?

I started out as a newspaper reporter having worked for many local papers while in college. Then when I was interning at Ch.9 in NYC they suggested I try TV. One of my first jobs was WMGM-TV in Atlantic City. Got to cover Trump, Cher, corrupt politics. It was fascinating.

You were in the movie Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which was one of my favorite Nightmare On Elm Street movies. What was the experience like working with everyone on the team of the set, would you do it again?

I loved working on Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Even got my own trailer! Wes Craven was kind, gentle, and I even told him what an anchor would and wouldn’t say and he changed the script somewhat. Haha. What a cool guy. The entire cast and crew were amazing. Do it again? I’m a heartbeat. I should get more film and TV work. Anyone hiring?

Your husband is John Kobylt. What is it like being married to one of the greatest radio personalities heard on KFI Los Angeles AM 640?

John Kobylt? I met him he was a DJ making 11G in Atlantic City spinning records. He got to LA quickly after a tax revolt in Trenton, NJ landed him as the lead story on every network news channel. His instincts led the rest of the way for his career, fighting for the regular guy and gal making a living. Politically we differ, and that is difficult at times for me. Let’s just say he has a harsher edge than I do. But he’s a legend no doubt. NO one does what he does in terms of fighting for people who feel they have no voice.

What kind of education did you have to obtain to start off in the industry (for those who want to start in the direction of news journalism)?

I think a good journalism school can lead someone on the right path. I majored in English literature and art history but worked as an editor on the school paper. So goth start there. Now a days a smart blog, online publications are a great start. And develop your own on YouTube. Talent is talent and be true to your interests always.

Do you have any tips for anyone who is trying to get into the field that you are in?

Tips? Never give up. Work for free is you must and get a side job or two to pay the bills. But never give up. Offer to write an article on spec. Do your own stories on local community events and shoot the on an iPhone. Just keep at it, every day.

Is there anything else you would like to say that I might have missed in this interview?

It’s an honor to be a journalist. I sincerely love being part of a community, big or small, and telling stories of the people, helping sort out issues and safety like if there is a fire. I enjoy that very much. And the people in this business I find are in it for the same reason. Community. News. Information. It’s a wonderful community. Thanks for this opportunity to tell my story. I can be reached via all social media.

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