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Name: Mo Mo

Meet Me Name: Mo Mo
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Thank you for taking the time to complete these questions for streaming world. Remember These questions will help you gain popularity more than what you already had.

Where did you get the idea to do MoMo on Meet Me? How did the princess in your name come about? What is your favorite color, what is your pet name?


The idea of streaming as Momo came from, my bestie, she created a Momo account as a joke. She decided she didnt want it anymore and offered it to me. I took it a step further with going live as Momo. My bestie says "I created it, but you brought it to life,"

I started streaming as just Momo, till one day, I was battling an awesome streamer, he wanted his daughter to meet me. I was afraid that my face may scare her, but he wanted to show her, I was nice, and not to be scared. She was apprehensive at first, so I put a long blue wig on, I told her I was a princess and please dont be scared, we become instint friends and she started calling me Princess Momo, so I changed my name, in her honor.
(I miss talking and singing songs from frozen with her. As the new mm rules does not allow children in streams now.)

My favorite color is black, it's very slimming.

I have 4 dogs, dog 1, dog 2, dog 3, and Spot, all rescued.

Who’s MoMo’s best friend?

My best friend is Sunshine, shes my muh effing best friend, if you gotta problem, then we gotta problem. (Bestie song, bhad bhabie)

What does MoMo do for a living?

My main job is an exotic dancer, specializing in pole dancing.
At a strip club in Vegas.

I'm also an enupernour, making big hair bows. Hoping to create my own Princess Momo bow bow line and sell them at Ross dress for less.

What are some of your hobbies, and favorite things to do? 

My hobbies are riding my motorcycle, photography, specifically (photo shopping) hanging out at swimming pools, writing poetry to Deadpool, and rapping.

My favorite things to do are, meeting new people, traveling, swimming, singing, watching the sunset and long walks on the beach.

What does Mo Mo like to eat, what are some of your favorite foods?

I like food period lol, but some of favorites would be pizza, big juicy cheeseburgers and chocolate.

I like all geners of music, but classic rock would be my favorite.

What kind of music does Mo Mo like? What are your favorite TV Shows and movies? I dont watch much t.v. when I do I enjoy action shows. I love watching the Deadpool movies, and a good horror flick.

Let’s put this to rest so that everyone will understand, does Mo Mo hurt kids? Is that a Hoax? Has anyone been able to prove that you harmed anyone?

My personal assistant..."TPA" she streams on my account, sometimes with permission and sometimes without. Grrrrr. That's all I got to say about that!

The "Momo challenge" is a recurring viral hoax. YouTube confirmed, contrary to press reports, there is no evidence of videos showing or promoting the "Momo challenge". If there was any they would have been removed instantly for violation of policies.
Also, there have been absolutely no verified cases of anyone harming themselves due to this phony challenge.

Momo is a sculpture.
Created by artist Keisuke Aisawa.
After some Instagram photos were taken of the sculpture, it spread, and the "Momo challenge" was born as an Urban legend.

This whole ‘Momo is making kids commit suicide’ is a digital version of playing Beatles records backwards to hear Satanic messages,” says Ben Collins, a journalist who covers misinformation. “It does a real disservice to all the harmful stuff targeting children and teens on YouTube.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell viewers and people of the world? I would like to tell everyone, to just relax and have some fun. Life is so serious as is. We all use social media for various reasons. Mine are to meet people from around the world. And, learn from them. To have some laughs and act silly, escaping reality for a bit.

One of my favorite quotes...

Be silly, be fun. Be different. Be crazy. Be you. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.

Thank you taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you Jay for this opportunity to share my Momo story.

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