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Name: VIP John 

Platform: Meetme

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We have known each other for quite some time now, can you tell me your ups and downs as a streamer, and why?

I’ve been streaming for a bit. I noticed that as long as you are engaged with your viewers, you will have a good stream. The downfalls are when you do the same routine over and over again. They don’t want to see that. Your viewers want to see different themes (for example taking them to the gym or pool). I love my audience, and I’ve made really good friends on and off the app.

You have always been a kind generous person visiting as many people’s streams as you can. What prompted you to start streaming yourself?

Everyone had asked me to go live. I got a good number of people who wanted to see me go live, and that encouraged me to start doing it. I try to make my lives fun and enjoyable.

You recently got your VIP badge, can you let people know what your VIP badge means? 

VIP is the big BOSS on the app (haha just kidding)! But they are definitely the big gifters on the app. Meetme recognizes VIP’s since they help the app so much.

Do you have any tips for upcoming streamers?
If you ever have me or another VIP join your live, make sure you have a great stream. Never ask them for any diamonds. That definitely blows them off to another viewer.

What purpose do you have to stream?

For fun. I don’t do it for diamonds. I just like to have a good time with my audience.

How was the experience meeting people off the app?

So much fun. I’ve met a lot of people off the app. When I went to Playlist in Orlando, everyone seemed nice. It was an enjoyable experience.

Are you ever going to get your Top Badge? Would you get a Top Badge or keep your VIP Badge?

I don’t take streaming as a full time job. I just do it for fun and would rather keep my VIP badge. I am a busy person and don’t have time to do that.

Your Emoji is a boat. Can you tell us why your Emoji is a boat?

Well, I own a boat! I love being outdoors, especially on the water. You can catch me taking my boat out at least twice a week. Hence, why I made my emoji a boat!

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