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Name: MF Chucky

Meet Me Name: MF Chucky

Meet Me Favorite Link: Check out my fave - 🔪MF CHUCKY 😈ცıɬ¢ɧცɛɠơŋɛ🔪 is live on MeetMe. Are you going to tune in?

Unique ID: 277LGFN8

Website URL:

Why did you decide to impersonate chucky, what influenced you?

Pretty much a social experiment just to see what people thought because when I had in the count as myself I wasn't really getting views but once I started the old chucky thing do in the voice with the doll I started getting popular in a group from there which was pretty amazing if I must say who would think I would come such a long way im at a million diamonds now which I didn't think I would ever hit.

When you started Meet Me, did you ever think you would get a fan base as big as you have?

Honestly, no and I still don't think I got that big of a fan base to work in progress I am at a million but people come and go but for those that stay absolutely love it that's what makes me come back and do more.

What is your favorite Child’s Play movie?

Child's play 2 hands down with a doubt was my favorite chucky movie still is to this day.

Have you ever done any other impersonations? If so who?

Not too many I think I have only done really chucky I can do voices but not off of their characters other than chucky I tried to I suck at it

Who is your favorite comedian's, and why?

I don't have one to be honest but if I had to say I would say between Jeff Dunham and Kevin Hart.

What are your future plans of Meet Me?

I have pretty big plans for meet me and I can't really see what yet trying to leave it a surprise for now.

Do you have anything else you would like to mention in this interview?

Sure for those of you that don't know who I am that's on this website make sure you search on meet me soon maybe YouTube but I go by MF chucky bitch be gone Hopefully I see you guys soon in my streams chucky's making a comeback chucky is finally coming home lives are gonna be getting lit again people are not ready for me.

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