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Questions by: Tammy Swagerty (Ducking Viking Queen)
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Name: Mz. Queen

Meet Me Name: Mz. Queen
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Hello Mz. Queen. Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

What made you decide to become a live Streamer?

Everyone was talking about meetme and I figured I would give it a try. I downloaded the app and started checking people out. I was scared to go live until the very first person I met on here put me in his box then all his views begged me to go live so I did and managed to get 600 views in a matter of 4 hrs and I been going live ever since.

What do you like and dislike most about streaming? If you could change one thing about streaming what would it be?

The thing I like about streaming is that it brings many people together as one. The thing I dislike about streaming is there is a lot of rude people. If I could change one thing about streaming it would have to be the way people treat each other because let's face it we all have one goal and that's to meet people.

Have you been on other streaming outlets outside of MeetMe? What did you like and dislike about it?

Yes I have. I been on Tagged and LiveMe. But nothing compares to MeetMe. The thing I hated about tagged and LiveMe is it's similar but different. Each app has its own way of running things so it just takes some time to get use to it.

You are a leader of a group featured on the MeetMe site. Can you tell us about the group, about your experience with running a group, and do you have plans for your group?

I am part of the Wallcrawlers that is ran by the spectacular Spider-man and my family which is the Buzz family. When I started running my own family I thought it would be difficult at first but it's all about how you approach people and how often they come back is what makes the family. Plus making sure you surround yourself with amazing people. Being apart of both families has been amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone is truly amazing with all their love and support. My experience with running mine and helping with the other has been truly amazing because of the love, respect and honesty we all have for each other. There has been a few bumps along the way but it's nothing we can't handle.

You recently broke your goal of getting to your 1 million diamonds. Can you tell us about that? Are you looking to pursue becoming a Top Badge on MeetMe? What are your future plans in your streaming?

It took a lot of hard work to reach my milli, but when I hit my milli it was truly amazing because of all the support from my MeetMe family, viewers and friends. They are the ones who made it all possible. Yes I am looking to become a top badge. My future plans for streaming are spicing up my lives by doing more back drops and coming up with new ideas to draw attention.

Tell us about yourself. Who is Mz. Queen?

I am a single mother to an 8 year old girl who is truly amazing but loves to get on my nerves sometimes, but overall she is amazing. I am a hard worker who loves to have fun in my spare time and meet new people. I love to go fishing, cook, read and play pool with friends and family. I also like to go for car rides swim and have bonfires. My friends and family mean the world to me. Most of the time I am a goofball who loves to make people laugh because let's face it if my friends and family are down it makes me down. I'm a caring person, so I like to listen and try to help people but most of all I learned to never give up on hopes and dreams and I have an amazing support system for that. I have my down days because I did lose 2 of my best friends in 2017, but gained more than I thought I could ever have. I'm overall caring and generous but can be mean if you rub me the wrong way. Come check me out and you'll see for yourself!

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