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Name: Marquis Evans

Meet Me Name: Tha Idol

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Unique ID: S63VDUIG
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Interview by: Jay “Emoji Jay” Andrews

Hello Marquis “Tha IDOL” Evans, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule for interviewing Streaming World.
Your show is one of the biggest if not the biggest show on the MeetMe app. How did you come about creating the show, and what have you done in the past for streaming?

Unstoppable Idol is definitely one of the biggest show on the MeetMe app today. No other show like this one can bring so many people together from the MeetMe Community! Unstoppable Idol was intended to be a platform where I, Marquis Evans, could advance my streaming career as a professional. I never thought it would turn into the success that it is today nor impact so many peoples lives that have amazing talent! 6 months Before the unstoppable Idol competition was created I just streamed as Tha Bearded Goddess!

You went to Vid Con in July. What was your experience with Vid Con? Who all did you meet?

Have you ever been to any other gathering for MeetMe? Vidcon was extremely amazing! It was definitely my first Social Media event. While being at Vidcon I met some amazing people that I look up to as performers or entertainers. Giselle is an up and rising R&b singer, musician/songwriter and a great friend of mine that I have known over a year through social media. Going to Vidcon gave me an amazing opportunity to meet her in person! Also met one of my favorite WWE Superstar Wrestlers, Xavier Woods! Vidcon was also my first MeetMe gathering! I can't begin to put into words how much I love being apart of the MeetMe app! From the MeetMe rooftop badge party, to the most amazing Top Streamers on the app, to the supportive admins. It's truly a blessing and looking forward to the next Social Media Event!

How did you gather the name Tha Beaded Goddess? Is it because you dress in drag?

Haha good question, I started off as Tha Bearded Lady and during one of my streams a viewer came in and asked if I was a drag Queen, and before I could answers one of my top supporters said " no she is a Drag Goddess" and right then is when Tha Bearded Goddess was born!

You are a Top Badge on the MeetMe app. How has earning a Top Badge been beneficial to you?

Being a Top Badge is an amazing opportunity! I already had tmy show on the app moving into the right direction of being a successful icon. But capturing that Top Badge allowed me to take my show to better heights that I didn't even know I could climb. Having my Top Badge helped me take my passion for streaming seriously! It gave me that motivation to achieve my goals as a top streamer, and definitely could open up doors in the near future!.

What is Marquis’s hobby?  What do you like to do for fun in your spare time when you are not streaming?

WHAT!!! All I do is work and stream! However occasionally you'll see me watching one of my favorite shows WWE wrestling! And meeting new ppl all over the country that's huge supporters of Marquis Evans!

What are you looking forward in the future for streaming? Where are you going to take your shows?

I'm definitely interested in taking my show to the next level in hopes it can open doors for a future career. One thing I'm definitely looking forward to is for one day only a year taking my show off the virtual world and making it a live, breaking, and investigating event for many many viewers to see.

Would you consider taking your shows on the road? What about Television?

Again, it would definitely be an amazing journey which ever that may be, to turn this show into an epic career!

Thank you for taking the time to interview, is there anything else you would like to tell your viewers or potential viewers?

I would just like to say to all the Viewers out there, because every creator, entertainer, Superstar, etc starts off as a viewer! Consistency is key! I you would like to get into streaming and making this a career, let me tell you it's an amazing journey so far. I'm not as of yet where I would like to be, but baby I'm not giving up and you shouldn't either! Yasssssss!! 

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