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You are a recent new top badge. What kind of benefits does a top badge give you, and how has it helped your popularity on MeetMe?

It has been an honor to earn my top badge on the best social networking app available. Before I answer your question, I would like to thank everyone who put in the work to create, maintain, develop, and update such a magnificent app that all walks of life can use to conjoin with one another. Also, a big thank you to Jay for hosting this interview and giving me the wonderful opportunity to connect with you all.

Ever since I obtained my top badge in May 2019, I’ve been able to experience the benefits of being a top steamer on the MeetMe app. First, and most importantly, I am now able to reach a wider audience. Acquiring a larger audience gives me the ability to meet new people and increase my viewership while streaming. Another benefit of having a top badge is that it allows me the capacity to give back to others on the app, which in turn brings me happiness. I give back to others in a multitudinous amount of ways, however, I primarily give advice or gift. The satisfaction of giving advice and sharing streaming techniques with someone wanting to become a top badge is rewarding. I am currently working with one person in particular who would like to be a top badge. Now that I have my badge, it’s fun to sit back and play more of a coaching role and be a part of someone else's success while they work to earn their badge. Secondly, gifting others is a major benefit for me. I love watching the reactions of streamers while I gift them. It brings me joy how I can bring pleasure to a streamer through gifts. Since I am one of the few top badges that have never cashed out and do not intend to, I always am able to spread a little more love, especially to those just starting out.

Have you met a lot of people off of MeetMe, if so how did that turn out for you?

Yes, I have met many people in person from MeetMe. After all, meeting people is the overall purpose of the app. I have met around 20 people in person since downloading this app in May 2018. I have invited them into my home and have traveled to theirs. I reside in Pennsylvania and the furthest person I have met so far is from Minnesota, and the closest person living 5 minutes away from me. I am social and love meeting people. I already have plans to continue meeting more people from the app. Additionally, I am planning a trip to Playlist 2020 in March where I’ll have the opportunity to expand my social network in Orlando, Florida. All the meetups I’ve had have been great. I feel more of a personal connection every time I watch a stream of a person I have physically met. I encourage people to get out and meet up with others on MeetMe. However, be safe and get to really know someone before meeting them. Take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety when meeting people, especially for the first time. I’ve never had a negative encounter when meeting anyone from MeetMe. The first time meeting someone can be nerve-racking, but you cannot allow that to subdue you from missing out on meeting great people.

How has streaming improved your life, and how has streaming brought you down?

Streaming has improved my life by giving me a platform to communicate with others and talk about anything whether it be personal or non personal, positive or negative. The conversations held in my livestream are unlimited to where my viewers and I can share a discussion on what we feel like talking about at that time. In my livestream, we talk about everything from A to Z. I remember I was up one night until about 4 in the morning chatting to some viewers about space travel and futuristic plans to populate another planet. I talk about situations that are happening in my life, and I freely give up my platform to allow others to speak or address circumstances going on in their life. Being able to share my life with others has provided me the comfort of knowing I always have a second family available on MeetMe. Streaming has also improved my life by allowing me to take knowledgeable advice from viewers who may know more about a particular topic than I do, thus benefiting me. Not too many things bring me down in life. Streaming has never brought me down. To me, streaming is a positive outlet that provides social health benefits. Although, I will say it is discouraging to have come across some dreadful people on MeetMe who use the app solely to bring other people down.

You are always nice to people, and you seem to care about people. 

Thank you for the compliment. It’s greatly appreciated. I have to give credit to my parents for being great teachers of life. My parents, who are much better people than I am, have always taken care of family, friends, and strangers. I learned from watching them and how they cared for others. In college, I joined a fraternity and our golden rule was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I try to live by that quote as much as I can.

What drives you to be the better person that you are to help people when they need it?

I hate watching people struggle, especially people that I know. Life at times offers a lot of unwanted hardships. What makes those hardships bearable is having others to support you along the way. I’ve been blessed to have had many people help in my journey throughout life; it would be inequitable of me to not return the commitment of helping others in need.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for upcoming streamers, if so what would they be?

The first concept every upcoming streamer who has a goal of earning a top badge needs to understand is that the real value of the MeetMe app is the people. Yes, before applying for a badge, you need to obtain a certain amount of diamonds, favorites, and views. However, to get those ever so wanted diamonds, favorites, and views you must make valuable connections with people. I would say 70% to 90% of your overall diamond count comes from people that you know. It’s more of a rarity that someone who doesn’t know you will join your livestream and just start sending you gifts, although it does happen from time to time. I would advise new upcoming streamers to focus on creating a following of regular viewers rather than pursue a diamond chase. Accept the fact that creating a following for yourself takes more time and effort, but it pays off in the long run. Additionally, I think MeetMe prefers to give badges to people who have somewhat of an actually following rather than someone with an excessive amount of diamonds. This is why sometimes you will see streamers with more than 10 million diamonds, but yet still no badge.

Here are some fast tips to creating a following for yourself as the streamer. Say hi to everyone who enters your live. Truth is most people are scared to start a conversation, even if it’s just online. Some people just don’t know what to say which leads them to say nothing and leaving your stream. Make sure to make everyone feel welcomed. Let your viewers know you are going live by sending a notification out to your fans. Here is where most new streamers make a big mistake; they will stream for a day then take a week off and their fans become uninterested in them. It’s very important to stream consistently. This is also known as the “grind." If you have goals of being a top badge, you must be streaming on a consistent basis. Try to develop some sort of streaming schedule and add it to your bio. Stick to your streaming schedule. An example of a good streaming schedule would be livestreaming Monday through Friday at 5 pm. Do whatever fits your schedule, but make sure you are streaming at least 3 times a week for at least one hour per stream. If you ever need any tips on streaming just stop by my live or send me a message. I’ll be happy to help. Thank you for taking the time to read my interview.

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