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Who is Mass Deztruction and what makes you the person you are today?

A 31 yr old mixed producer/artist from New Bedford, MA Im just a man who stopped at nothing to achieve his goals no matter what obstacles were put in front of me,, my past and my experiences in life and my environment is really what made me the man i am today

You write music and compose music, what kind of music is it, and who are your influences?

I listen to all genres i write music i produce i play drums etc. I design album covers as well. I do it all . My influences would be Nas Jay Z Jadakiss and fabolous really who influenced and inspired me to do what i do today .

Do you go live, if so what are your live streams like?

Yes i go live . Not often as the average streamer but yea when i have time to play some new music or just vibe with people i try to

What are your goals in life, and on live streaming?

My goals in life are exactly what i do everyday. Music is my heartbeat. I been in the industry for 19 years seen a lot done a lot seen a lot of people come and a lot go . And when i go live my goal is to leave the viewers who come in there better off when they leave then they were when they entered

Do you have albums released, if so where do we find them?

Yes i have multiple projects spread across the web. On multiple platforms but most of them are on

Is there any tips you can give people who are wanting to start making their own music?

I mean ... Just Do you tell your story not someone elses. Dont fall victim to feedin in to the haters and lettin them have the power to stop you ! And everything u do do it 100%

Is there anything else I might have missed that you would like to mention?

Feeling lucky a new album with me and my cali artist Seven droppin in 6 days!!! Watch the throne my newest solo album comin july 1st ( both album covers enclosed ) #heavyhittaz #elitesquad

More to come !!!!

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