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Name: Musician - Charlie DeCarlo

Unique ID: MEP7HSE6

Who are you Charlie and what makes you the person you are today?

I think of myself as a pretty regular guy. I am a 26-year old working songwriter who is greatly inspired by my relationships and other songwriters.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?

Aside for writing and producing music, fitness and healthy living is a big part of my life. Outside of music I think of myself as a gym rat. I love exercise. Over the years I have experimented with all sorts of workout programs and sports. Everything from competitive swimming, running, powerlifting, martial arts, yoga, and CrossFit. I also like being outside. I come from a small rural town in Western, NY, so having bonfires at night, kayaking, and hiking are all common activities where I am from.

You’re a musician, what kind of music do you like to play? What instruments do you play as well, and how long did it take for you to learn them?

I like to write indie folk music, but I listen to just about anything. I feel like my sound is a sum of all the music I absorb day-day. Even outside of my genre. As far as instruments, I play guitar, ukulele, and I sing. I also like to play around with instruments that I’ve never played because I don’t know what will come out of it. For example, experimenting with a dulcimer is what inspired the production on my song, “Walkway.”

Your face book says that you are a producer, what have you produced, and where can we find the media that you worked on?

On a professional level I have only produced my own body of work. I have not produced work for anyone else yet, but I would be open to the experience of producing someone else’s work in the future.

Your music is awesome, what platforms are you on and have you ever toured?

Thank you! I am on all major streaming/ downloading platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, SoundCloud, Ect. I have not officially toured. That is something I will consider if the timing and resources are right in the future.

Have you worked on any collaboration with any other artists, if so who?

I have played with other local groups/ artists from Buffalo, NY such as Samuel Tambe, David Miller, Michael Vealey, Steve Blackmon, and Mike Hadley.

How has corvid affected you as a producer, songwriter, Singer, and Producer?

It hasn’t really – I will always write music no matter what the circumstances are. Me and my partner, Michael Vealey, will be starting our sessions on a new collection of a songs.

You interviewed Kim, how did you meet Kim Possible, she is a wonderful person, and useful to the app!

Kim reached out to me on Instagram. Yes, Kim is a great person! I am always happy to connect with genuine people.

How was your experience on Have You Heard? With Kim?

Experience with Kim and the app were both great!

Have you been able to release new music since Corvid happened? Sorry for the coved questions, just would like to let people know how it is affecting the music industry.

Yes, I have been releasing singles from my debut album, “Paper Birds.”

Your artwork is beautiful on your social media, how designed your website, and who designed your social media?

Thank you! The “Paper Birds” album art is by Scott bye and the artwork from my singles are by Odyssey Visual Media.

What are your plans for the future? Is there anything new instore for your fans?

So far, my plans are to actively pursue sync/licensing opportunities and to continue writing and releasing new material. More announcements to come!

Do you have any tips for new musicians who might be starting out that might be struggling with meeting their goals?

I would say keep grinding away, but make sure your life stays balanced outside of music. Sometimes the best thing for songwriting is anything but songwriting. For example, I am very close with my family, I have a day job that keeps me busy, and I am very active in fitness. All these things help me stay balanced and I believe they overall contribute to inspired songwriting.

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