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Name: Goofy Gooby

Meet Me Name: Goofy Gooby
Meet Me Favorite Link:

Unique ID: FK99TJXE

Platform: Meet Me

Website URL:

How long have you been streaming for and what applications have you used in the past for streaming?

Since meet me started live and meet me

Have you met anyone on meet me and how did it go? Were you nervous when you met people?

Yes and he was a nice guy, we are still friends and yes but I am shy

What do you like to do for fun besides streaming, and how has streaming impact your life?

Going Fishing, site scene, taking photos, BBQ, family time, camping and more and I meet some good people on meet me.
What are your future goals of streaming on MeetMe?

Meeting a lot of people getting to know them and maybe meeting

What have been some struggles with Meet Me that you have had, program wise, and other?

The foreigners being disrespectful to women, the glitching and bullying

What positive and negative things can you say about the app?

Positive it made me more confident, help me meet a lot of people and the negative the glitch and the meth being used during live stream and having trouble getting into trending

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