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Name: TACO

Meet Me Name: TACO

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How did you get the name taco (I mean obviously you like tacos), but how did you get that for your name?

LOL Yes. Obviously tacos is my favorite food. Carne asada, onions, and cilantro on a corn tortilla with massive amounts of hot sauce or salsa!! And because I can eat them for pretty much any meal, a really close friend from outside of the streaming world started to call me Taco. When I initially started streaming on MeetMe, I was BlackbirdTaco. Blackbird, because its my favorite Beetles song. But I got tired of people just calling me Blackbird. So I changed it, and it has stuck with me since.

When did you start streaming?
July 2018

Was becoming a top badge hard for you to accomplish?

It definitely wasn't easy lol. It took months on months, and hours on hours of streaming, and applying 5 times!!!!! Plus a really great team (fam) of good hearted people who came through, and showed love and shared their time with me! On my fifth time applying, I realized I needed to speak from the heart on my application if I wanted them to understand why I wanted it so bad. And I would just leave it to God and by his graces, I GOT IT!!

What was some of the most exciting things that you have done with MeetMe? Like gone to any events MeetMe has sponsored, or meet anyone off the app itself?

I have met quite a few new friends. Some of who I care about like family and who have rode by my side and never left. My A1's, since Day 1. I've thrown a few of my own small MeetMe parties. I even fell in love, and fell out of it too...a few times (whomp whomp whomp lol) I am super excited to attend the next playlist live in Orlando!

I touched based with you in the last question about meeting people off of this app, how was the experience of meeting someone off the app for you? Were you nervous? Was it an exciting time?

To be honest, I was extremely nervous meeting every single new person for the first time. I forgot to mention I suffer from extreme social anxiety! Streaming has become a way for me to work on that phobia and try to overcome it. Some days are easier then others especially because I have a lot of very supportive people on my team! But, to sum it up we all had a blast and I don't regret it for a second cuz, YOLO!

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm super cliche lol. Netflix and chill, movies, beach, shopping, bowling, and of course eating tacos duhhh :) But no, really, over the last year I have adapted a healthier lifestyle which has helped me lose over 100lbs. strictly from diet and exercise. I use my new found experiences to share and motivate others to make better life choices.

Any tips for new and upcoming streamers?

Sometimes tips can help streamers progress especially those who are struggling! Have a positive mindset and attitude, make relationships with as many other streamers as possible and network yourself on all of your social media platforms to get your following up! Always be true to yourself though because if you become a sellout to make everyone else happy you will end up resenting what you used to love to do!

Anything else you would to say to your viewers, and possible new viewers?

If you believe it, you can achieve it! If you asked me a year ago if I’d have over 26K followers I would have laughed at you because I wasn't taking it seriously at first. The social anxiety made me believe I would have given up before I even started, or that I wasn’t good enough for others to want to listen.
Stay optimistic!! Because you are worth being heard, and what you have to say matters not only to you but to a lot of others too

I want to make special mention of the person who has stood by my side through the whole process and never gave up on helping me reach my goals. Poopy, I love you, you’re not only my best friend but you’re the 1 person I can say never left me during this journey and I want to thank you for that! None of this would have been possible without you and I just want you to know you will always hold a special place in my heart! Thank you for everything! 


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