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Name:  Top Badge Sassy

Meetme Name: Top Badge Sassy

Unique ID: KUJ9QG3X
Platform: Meetme

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Would you please tell us about yourself, and did you ever think you would get a top badge?

I’m sassy. My name is Crystal. I’m a 36 year old single mother. I take care of mentally handicapped individuals for a living. If you would have asked me when I started streaming if I’d get a badge, I would have said no. After a short time, I started having a faithful following. I knew I could do it if I put my mind to it!

Any tips for the new and upcoming streamers? And how do you promote yourself?

I was inspired to start streaming just by simply logging on to meetme one night at work to kill time. I went into a man's live and I have no clue who that first person was. He was working. He was super chill told me all about live. I started the next day. My goal at first was to just kill time and make friends.

Any tips for the new and upcoming streamers? How do you promote yourself?

New and upcoming streamers need to visit other streams to see where you fit in. Make friends with groups and gather favorites. I say to promote yourself by gifting a few people with a lot of fans. People will favorite you. Also, if you are present in the streams they will get to know you.

What are some good do’s and dont’s you might have for people trying to start out?

I’d say definitely make friends with as many people and groups as possible. I’d say a big "do not" is try to not get on the bad side of any of the groups because it’s not one person disliking you. It’s a whole group. I’d say always stay true to yourself, and you will go far. If you change, people will see that.

Where do you plan to take us in the future of streaming for yourself?

I don’t really try to put very many expectations on myself as far as steaming. I hope to just keep having fun and making new friends and keep on moving up on the leaderboard.

What kind of disappointments have you experienced with the whole time that you have been streaming?

Some of the disappointments I have experienced was that some friends that I really thought were truly friends were just out to get ahead or to get diamonds. The trolls are also a very big disappointment.  Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time as a live streamer, and it’s been more positive than negative. I’d like to say that TLM (which is part of my screen name) is all about positive body image. If everyone can just take one second of their day to say something positive about some other person, it will make their day so much better. Spread the positivity!