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Name: Eric

Meet Me Name: People Of Meet Me

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Unique ID: MTW4R11E

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Who are you and why did you start People of Meet Me instagram?

My reala name is actually Eric. I began People of Meet Me to kind of have a place where I could give shout outs to some of my favorite people in Hope's of new people discovering them as well.

People go to your instgram to check out top badges and upcoming and already established streamers to find someone new to watch. Did you ever think that your Instagram would blow up like it did, and what is your explination for that?

Definitely did not expect it to blow up at all. As most people know I'm now on my 4th account. But that first one I had. Wow. I was gaining new followers every single day. I still do, but not as rapid as the first time. I guess since my page focuses more on the positive side of things is why people flocked to me. Because there are numerous other accounts out there that focus on the drama or "tea". So maybe my version was just a breath of fresh air for everyone.

Would you like to expand People of Meet Me Instagram? If so how would you like to expanding?

To be honest I haven't given in much thought. Closest thing I have considered was maybe a People of Meet Me website and maybe even a YouTube channel. But at the moment I've pushed those ideas to the side for now.

What do you like to do outside of Meet Me for fun? What are your hobbies?

Well, I love to write. I'm actually a published author on Amazon. That's really the only hobby I really have. I just love the worlds I create and I get lost in those places, as well as the characters I create. It's a hobby but at times it is also an escape from reality.

Where do you see yourself and this project that you are working on in 10 years?

Well, let's talk about my project first off. For those that don't already know, once I start going live again I plan on making my live a safe haven for others with Mental Illness. A place they can come and don't have to worry about being judged based on the stigmas attached, a place where they can tell their stories of their battles with mental illness, a place where hopefully we can educate more people on it. Because unfortunately it's just not discussed a lot because people are afraid to be judged or ridiculed or whatever. Another part of my plan is to take every single diamond I ever get and donate the cash out to various Mental Health charities.

Here is where I put you on the spot, who is your favorite streamer, and why? Who is your second favorite streamer and why?

Thanks for putting me on the spot because this is gonna require a bit of thought. I guess my favorite streamer is gonna have to be Deadpool. I've known the guy for a year. And not only is he an amazing and entertaining streamer but he is also one heck of a friend. Seriously, if you really need someone and he's available... such an awesome guy!! Let's see. 2nd. That's gonna be slightly harder for me. I would honestly have to say it is a tie. On one side you have Danie. The man is jsut amazing, funny and never asks for anything. He is one of the types of people the app should want to be a Top Badge. There really are not enough words to show my appreciation for Danie. Like I said, it's a tie. So 2b. would have to be The Duchess. For those that don't know her, you're missing out. This woman is such an amazing person. She has one of the purest hearts of anyone I know. She is there for anyone she cares about. She never asks for a single diamond and has never cashed out. Whatever she gets, she converts and regift. From the people who gift her to some newbie who maybe doesn't have anything yet. Like I said she's just amazing.

Is there any tips you would like to giv new and upcoming streamers who might be struggling to stream?

First off, be consistent. Right now with my life as it is I'm not able to go live so my consistency has fallen. Get out there to other lives and meet people. That's one way to not only meet new people but also get some faves as well. Um, try to never ask for anything. People will gift more people who are not out there begging. Also, always be gracious for everything you get. Whether it be a fave, the hearts or even a EBT gift. Always say thank you. And lastly, find your niche. If you can sing, sing. If you can paint or draw, do that. If you're a writer like me, showcase that. We all have some kind of talent. Showcase that.

Is there anything else you would like to say to everyone before we end this interview?

My final words. Always...always stay humble and kind. Be nice to each other and let's all help each other out. That's what it's all about. And Jay, thank you for this interview. I truly appreciate it.

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