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Name: Chris C4sper

Meet Me Name: Chris C4sper

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Okay, Question one. Why did you create the show? And what has been your favorite interview that you have done?

So the reason that I created the show was I wanted to, number one, add content to my live streams. And I thought, What do I do? Or what do I feel that I'm good at? That would be a natural extension of what I already do. I featured people frequently in the box when I first started streaming. And I thought, what could I do? That would be the next step or the next stage of that. I also thought about what am I passionate about when it comes to meet me, and it's the interconnectivity portion. It's that it's a platform that people who otherwise would not have met are able to connect and meet each other. So I thought, what if we took streamers, featured them, and then people who wouldn't have seen them could. Maybe you like a certain social group of streamers, and because of that, you're able to talk and meet those people. But there's an entire nother portion of half full of content creators and individuals that you otherwise would not have met. And so I thought, okay, let's feature interview people. And not only that, when you stream, it's hard to hold a conversation, it's hard to get out a lot of details. And there's people who go to view streams. And they like the person that they're seeing, and they have a lot of questions. So they're curious about who that person is in their real life, or what or what their, what their streams are about, or what they're passionate about. And so I thought, okay, if we interview people, and we talk about them, we can really dig into what they're passionate about what their story is, and learn something about them. And from that you can you can develop a relationship. You can have more of a connection with someone.

So I just thought an interview style show would would really be the best way to encompass all of those things. What has been my favorite interview so far. I can say that, I don't know that I've had a favorite interview but, I can say that when I do enjoy an interview, it's the because it doesn't follow a typical script that I have. I like it. When I talk with someone that I'm surprised that they're able to talk really about themselves.

I love it. When, someone comes on, and they really lay it all out, They open their heart. They open themselves, and they express a side of them that is personal. What has made them and develop them into the person that they are today. My favorite, most memorable stream for the show was the big con announcement. So that was when Jim be he's the he's one of the C suite executives of MeetMe. He's the Boss. He's the bossman, Jim be the boss. He came on. And he announced that meeting, he was throwing a rooftop party for VidCon. And on that episode, we had Holly, we had Dar, and we had Turk. And that was really important beginning of my friendship with so that's special to me. So, um, yeah, that's, that's what I'd say for question more.
Yeah, I love for that one.

You're a judge on unstoppable idol. What are the ups and downs of being a judge?

Yeah being a judge, it's a bit of a roller coaster. In the sense of, you're developing a relationship with the competitors, but at the same time, it's got to be business, and you can't bring personal bias into it. I would say the ups are seeing someone grow, seeing them become more confident in themselves. I always point to Joker, as an example, this is he's someone who came in with very little confidence, he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do with this talent. He didn't know what his survivability wasn't the competition with his talent then by the end of the end of winning the whole thing. And that was that was really special to see some of the lows, cutting people.

There's a lot of times people who are who are very talented who make all the way the finals, and we're splitting hairs trying to figure out who's gonna win, why they hould they win, and it really sucks to have to sell your friends.These individuals that you've been working with. I'm sorry, you're not going forward, this person is me. And that's definitely the low point I would say.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy outside of live streaming and being on idol?

I'm a busy person, I keep very, very, very, very busy. I work full time. So I have a job that I have a career that keeps me more than 40 hours a week. Outside of that, I'm very much a family oriented person, I'm very much a friend oriented person. The whole reason one of the biggest parts of livestreaming that I enjoy is the personal connection and how you develop relationships with people. So I have a saying, I have a couple things, but one of my favorite sayings is that I have is that it's not about where it's at. It's who it's with. And I at all times of keeping a top of my mind. How can I be with the people that I care about? Because that's a life worth living? Life by itself is not. I could never travel by myself. And that's something that I know many people love to do is travel and see the world. And I couldn't do that by myself, because I wouldn't be experiencing it with someone. I like to share memories. I'm very sentimental. I like to you know, mull over and astrologer things like that.

I like to play strategy based games. So like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, simulation game, stuff like that. I'm not too big into first person shooters, but I do like horror video games, action video games, like Resident Evil, Dead Space, the Evil Within that kind of stuff. I really like that. What other hobbies do I have? Yeah, I like I like trading cards. I like trading cards and things like that. I like cinema movies, comedy. Really, if as long as I'm doing with somebody that I care about, the rest is frosting, you know, I could I could be sitting around a campfire, having a beer with someone I care about, or I could be out on a racetrack. You know, I don't know why it's a racetrack but it really be anything, just as long as it's with someone I care about.

Real quick before you jump the next one. There's two things that I like to live by.
Number one is it's not a it's not about where it's at. It's who it's with. Um, number two is I reserve the right to change my mind provided new information is given. And so, what does that all mean? I reserve the right to change my mind, provided new information is given. Its that it's always okay to change and habits and have a different change of heart.

It's okay to feel differently about so and then you used to, I think there's this misconception that you have to always be consistent about one particular view, or consistently feel one way about something that like, because you said this, now that you have to now you have to always stick to it. I think there's a difference between that. And in this things like honesty and loyalty they're factored in. But say for example, you you learn some thing new regarding a political view that you have, or maybe something about climate change, maybe one way or another and one way or another you feel a certain way.
And maybe prior you had felt one way stone.

But having the open mindedness at all times what it comes back to is reserving the right to change your mind provided new information is given means that you reserve the right to keep an open mind, you reserve the right to challenge your own perspective, and have a new perspective coming. Because I think when you stop learning and use, stop allowing yourself to have different insights and different perspectives, that's when you you're done growing. And I don't ever want to confine myself in my life to feel like I've stopped growing. So anyway, that's that's the last piece there. So okay, what's next?

Everyone would like to know what kind of work do you do for a living?

Yeah, I am a recruiter. So I used to do sales for sales for a company. Prior that I did sales, I started a small business when I was in college, started an LLC. But before that, I was serving steaks, hosting, bus pulling, all that kind of stuff. So I did this. I did the service industry for six years. And then, I moved into professional sales. And then, I moved to another company doing sales and that's promoted into recruitment. That yeah, that's, that's what I do for a living.

What types of benefits and what types of negative consequences has being a streamer had on me? Positive benefits?

There, they're limitless, it's the relationships that I've made, ranging from best friends and really good friends to someone that is my girlfriend, to now, you know, traveling the world to meet people. It's, it's a lot, there's the monetary aspect to it. But really, you took away the diamond was and all of that, the core reason of why I'm here still here. And it's that the opportunity to build relationships, make friends, learn about other people. I value relationships above everything. No amount of money, no, not amount of success, no not have anything, can trade for genuine relationships, genuine interest, genuine things where people care about you. I mean, I at all times that I would trade, I would trade anything financial, to make sure that I have the people that I care about closest to me, that they're in the bus, that they're safe, that they're with me that I can be with them those types of things.

What negative aspects has there been to MeetMe?

I sacrifice some of my time, especially in the beginning more than I should have, I think, I think I over I I prioritize, I prioritize doing meet me. And I said
no, to being out with some friends or I said no to doing certain events. I stayed at I locked myself in at the same time, I wouldn't trade that. I don't think that was a mistake. But I think there were some negative consequences where I could have been out connecting with the people that I value so much more, but the same time as building new relationships, and some of the more healthy relationships by streaming. Yeah, but the most positive thing would be like getting to me know, bro world, for example, it was very hard, getting to meet mark, he is getting to me hace getting to meet so many people that I would not have otherwise met. I mean, think if you really think about it, we're having virtual conversations with individuals cherry picked all around the country and world. How amazing is it, that all of us have the opportunity to meet one another, learn about each other, and then get to the point where we can travel to different parts of the country see each other and feel like it's not strangers? Like have these relationships already built? That's so wild. So wild?

And I I could not think of something better to come with it. So yeah, I would definitely say that, that that would be the most positive and, and as far as the negative consequences, I really, I really can't think of any negative consequences. And I think most of that would have to do with that I keep myself out of the drama. And I think that I do, I have a mature perspective of how people communicate on the platform. So I don't want to get too far into the weeds of that. But I think that's why I haven't had much of a negative experience using

Have you met anyone from the app? Have you traveled into the special events or MeetMe hosted events. And if so, what has been your favorite event?

Yes, I have met countless people from the half, I feel very fortunate for that. It's It's surreal when you when you see the individuals on a camera, versus when you actually are in person with them, it's very surreal. because on one hand, it feels very natural, like you've known this person for a very long time, and that you have all these things in common and you already know so much about the person. But on the opposite end, it's your first time physically being in the presence of this person. Um, something that's unique about livestreaming, especially with the top live streaming community is that these are individuals who are live on a very consistent, very frequent basis. So even if someone were trying to take themselves or as their live self, there's a lot of time for them to slip up, there's a lot of time for them to be outside of their element or be outside of what their character, air quotes what their character could be. And so because of that, I think that you end up getting a very real picture of what a person is like, you get a very real picture of of who they genuinely are. And so I I've had an excellent time meeting, meeting people from the app, top streamers and viewers and starting streamers alike, people who aren't even who weren't even on the app to begin with, but were friends of streamers. And then I got to meet them. It's just it's networking is making new friends. It's It's everything to love. Um, I have been to a few of the events, I was at playlist 2019 and I was at VidCon 2019. I will be at playlist 2020 I will be at VidCon 2020. I've already got in mark on my calendars do both. playlist was by far my favorite. It was my first time being launched into meeting the live streamers and the livestream community. But not only that, it was a growing experience. It showed me what the larger stage was like, for for streamers or for content creators. There was there was just a lot. There was a lot there. playlist was my favorite.

What is the future for Chris Casper? And where would you like to take the show?

Okay, yeah. So as far as the show goes, I would like to add more content to it. I would like to make it more viewer interactive is right now at the moment. It's as if I'm doing the interview. And the live is doing its own thing. And so I'd like to have a way to unite that make it so that the live could be more engaged in not so separate from the interview part of it. I would like to introduce games do things like that. As far as the future for me, I hope to continue growing as a streamer. I like to challenge myself. As far as the the things that I do in the things in the way that I I conduct my livestream. But I also want to keep making new friends. I would like to keep developing relationships and see see where everyone else grows and how they grow. Well, yeah, thanks. Thanks for having me, man. Proceed. Alright, everyone. Much love to all. I'll see you said Okay. Thank you.

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