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Questions by: Jay
Edited by: Tammy Swagerty (Ducking Viking Queen)

Name: Brady

Meet Me Name: Brady

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Who is Brady, and what are your beliefs? What do you stand for?

Brady is a character for sure. I’m a ball of energy, but some don’t know the side of me that’s sentimental. I’m a family guy. They come first. My blood, and then my family that I have built with my close friends. I stand for love, and for acceptance. I want everyone to be treated equally. No matter their background. PERIOD.

What does Brady like to do for fun outside the app, what are your hobbies?

I love attending concerts, attending sporting events, and sometimes a little paint ball tournament. I love being around my family. 1 year ago the world welcomed my niece, and from then on, my goal was to be in her life every day I could.

You used to be a top badge on the site, would you like to explain what happened, and your side of the story?

Yes, I was a top badge. I guess to sum it all up I made a mistake. A mistake that caused me to lose friends, and that also resulted in me reaching out to the MeetMe team and having them remove my badge.

You are a very funny person, and your streams are hilarious. What is your main focus of your streams? Does your Stream have a theme?

Well after my incident on MeetMe, I took a break. 6 months off the app. My focus then and now remain the same... To give people a platform, a different world, to enter and forget their personal lives for just a second. I want to make people laugh, to feel good. It’s what I was put on earth to do. I also read tarot. So what I can say for now is. my theme now is to help people with guidance, if asked.

Have you met anyone outside of the app? How was the experience like in doing so?

I haven’t had the pleasure to meet anyone. But here soon I hope to meet a lot of my peeps!

What is the difference in experience being a top badge versus not being a top badge?

Woah, So being a top badge was literally everything! I spent LONG days and nights busting my ass and sweating for my peeps. When I got my badge, I got the opportunity to show case my talents and my thoughts with a wider crowd. My message was clear: JUST BE YOURSELF! Now that I don’t have my badge, it’s the same. To me, badge or not, I have a chance to be a difference. Forget my mistakes for just a minute, and realize I want to change lives (literally and figuratively).

Do you have any tips for new streamers or streamers that are struggling?

Tip 1) Be your(fucking)self. Authenticity is key to being a top badge and earning it! 
Tip 2) Dont take shit personal. “Unless they are paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind”- RuPaul
Tip 3) Be willing to think bigger than your own thoughts and beliefs. We all have different opinions so be accepting of those who think differently than you. Love them.

Is there anything else I might have missed in this interview that you would like to mention?

Oh yes, you already know I do..

We are coming up on an important election that’s going to define the future for us and our next generations. We need to be cautious! Study up. Fact check. And vote. USE YOUR RIGHT and get out and vote! We’re in some dark times and we can’t give up. And one last thing, if you feel alone, if you feel like you don’t belong or maybe you are going through some dark times just know there are people who love you. ️You are loved and you are accepted! 


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