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Name: Attitude Grattitude

Meet Me Name: Attitude Gratitude
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Thank you Attitude Gratitude for taking the time to interview for the site.

My Pleasure and. Thank you for the opportunity!

What is the meaning behind your name Attitude Gratitude, and where are you from?

I chose the name Attitude:Gratitude based on the principal of the Law of Attraction. No matter how bad thing seem… they can always be worse and many have it worse. I prefer to have a grateful spirit for the things that I AM blessed with. Perspective and Perception becomes your actual Reality.

You are a top streamer, how has it influenced your life, and how are you taking advantage of your badge?

Being a Top Badge affords you a spot on trending which is an awesome opportunity to reach a broader audience. It has enriched my life in that it is alternatingly a form of group therapy, relaxation and flat out fun. I’m never bored and am always considering new ideas to keep things fresh. Also its Great for the endorphins!!

Who influenced you to become a top badge, and was it difficult for you to obtain one?

Becoming a Top Badge was made relatively painless because of the support of an amazing group of loyal followers. Also I was recommended by some angelic Top Badges whom I still have yet to identify and thank personally.

You do cross word puzzles and that is a good idea, what prompted you to do that in your live with your viewers? Do you think you will play other games with your viewers?

I went with the strategy of do wheat you do best and capitalize on your existing skill set. I have always loved games and especially word games like Scrabble, crosswords, the daily word Jumble and general knowledge games like Trivial Pursuit. I was in the habit of doing the daily crossword alone… so I just integrated that into my livestream. It’s much more fun to collaborate…and bring the love of mental stimulation to others who would generally never do a crossword otherwise.

Any questions or tips for new and upcoming streamers who may be trying to get their top badge, and ones who are just a regular streamer?

I would recommend sticking to content that reflects your own unique personality. Do what you enjoy and remember to greet everyone personally as they enter the stream. Do not sit back and multi-task, beg for gifts or engage in any negativity. People come for entertainment but not drama. Build it and They Will Come.

You have a map with people who gifted you, what is behind that idea?

Actually its not for gifters… its for everyone that visits my live. Its my was say of that without your support I would be sitting in my live talking to myself…. Its actually You viewers that put me on the Top Badge Map… It is my way of putting the spotlight back on the very reason I stream. My success has only been made possible because of YOUSE GUYS.
Its a Wonderful World.
-Louis Armstrong

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