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Questions by: Tammy Swagerty (Ducking Viking Queen)
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Name: Oblivion

Meet Me Name: Oblivion

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Unique ID: 7V7MSQYW

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Can you introduce yourself and tell our viewers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Oblivion. I am 30 years old from Missouri. I have an 11-year-old beautiful boy that I love dearly. I love nature and art. TV shows and books. Music and crafts.

How long have you been a streamer? What do you like and dislike about streaming? Is there a theme or show for your streams?

I have been streaming for a year this month. I love meeting new people and learning and cultures from around the world and different lifestyles. I dislike drama and people caring so much about diamonds. Relax and let people gift who they want. I like to just chill with people and listen to music or do some readings with my runes and tarot. Sometimes we play hangman too.

Now having known you myself for some time now we have gotten to know each other a little. We have discussed our ancestry and the path of the Norse Vikings. Can you tell me a little about the
path you have chosen? And why?

The Vikings. I chose this path because first off it's in my blood, and secondly they are highly respected warriors and the women are known for caring for their own. They defend what is theirs with strength and passion. They are driven by passion and I will always appreciate a Vikings point of view?

Sometimes you have readings using both tarot and runes. How did you get into them? What prompted you to want to use them in your streams?

One day I was researching different kinds of physics and one of the links led me to a site where readers go live. I was instantly drawn to a rune reader named Toz. I didn't truly care for the other streams but his runes made me wanna stay around and learn more. They really enchanted me. What made me want to use these platforms for readings was the fact that I didn't know many people around my area that actually wanted readings and I desperately wanted to learn more about them so I figured I'd do the same thing those psychics did and it worked. I was hooked.

What platforms do you stream on? What prompted you to use these platforms? Are you considering any other streaming services?

I stream on MeetMe and Tagged. I've been on MeetMe since it was MyYearbook and once I saw you could go live I figured hell why not! I stream on Tagged just for a feel of something the same but different.

How long have you been a streamer? What advice can you give to someone thinking of starting out? Do you give thought into pursuing a Top Badge?

My advice to new streamers is to pick a unique name and tag. Talk in a ton of streams before seriously streaming yourself and rack up your favorites and people who you like to talk to. Also, don't just be about the diamonds. You will never get anywhere being like that.

Thank You for taking the time from your day for this interview. You are a wonderful person and I enjoy conversing with you.

Share Social Media (If any):
I have instagram for Meetme and Tagged. Meetme insta is magickoblivion and Tagged insta is oblivion_dq.