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Name: Meet Me/Tagged Katy B

Meet Me Name: Meet Me/Tagged Katy B

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Who is Katy B and what makes you the person you are today?

Who am I? Wow, what an existential first question. Where to start? Well, I’m just a girl from Philly trying to promote positivity, spread smiles, and have a lot of fun doing it. At least that’s what my MeetMe bio says, and I think it’s pretty accurate in every aspect of my life.

As to what got me to this point? That’s a complicated saga. But let’s touch on some major plot points. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with parents who quietly let me test the waters of my many passions; dance, sports, music, etc.(that’s a large etc.) I came off shy, but in my room I was always performing concerts and starring in movies.

Flash forward to graduating college (No longer shy. Well, I was never really shy. The performer in me was just a secret) and fulfilling a lifelong dream, becoming a Sixers Dancer! This is important, because it kept me out of a cubicle, and accidently got me into promotions, local modeling and acting. I also became a writer of popular blog called for a period of time. All the while, I moved into the city, did a lot of world traveling, appeared on countless live TV and radio shows, acted in many commercials and indie movie (got to be an extra in some major films), hosted television shows and live events, met some amazing people (also met some famous people), and set out on a quest of joyfulness.
Skip ahead some more and I ended up working for a liquor company for many years before finally stumbling upon the wonderful world of live streaming. Now I get paid to perform these “concerts”, show off my acting skills and practice my Improv in my room. 8 year old me would be so proud!

When did you start streaming? What platforms do you stream on, and are you a top badge on both?

A friend who knew my history of performing recommended live streaming to me. In late September 2018, after much reluctance, I finally gave it a try. Turns out, it was pretty great. Finally, a use for my games, costumes and props I have cluttering my house! (Take that Marie Kondo!)

After trying out the app, I was linked up with Stella from the Meet Group Talent Team who suggested I start on Tagged. 6 months later, she said “Hey Katy B. why don’t you give Meet Me a whirl?” and now I’m currently a top badge on both apps.

What attracts people to your streams?

If you asked this question to the viewers in my stream, you would likely get a joke as an answer, (I believe last time I asked someone to explain, they said “Vengeance!”) which is a great example of what we do best, spread love and positivity without taking ourselves too seriously. Think of the feeling you get when you watch someone like Ellen. There’s dancing, games and general silliness. You leave with a smile, feeling good and not like you’ve been lectured. While I don’t have any celebrity guests (although I often drag friends and family on to co-host) I try and channel that energy of fun, while focusing on kindness and what connects us all.

The topics and activities are vast. I have a large array of passions and find ways to include whatever I can. We play games, workout, bake, dance, take field trips, do makeup, and talk about sports. Sometimes, I practice my terrible Spanish or attempt to play an instrument I used to be good at. Sometimes I do my laundry, or wash dishes (Streamers! They’re just like us, lol). I’m also deep into fantasy and superhero nerdom and we can talk about that for hours. Did I mention there’s often lots of costumes and props?
All that being said, I’m not afraid to share if I’m going through a hard time. I’m very open to talking about my own struggles and lessons with depression and anxiety. I find more and more people are dealing with that these days and there’s nothing your audience appreciates as much as authenticity. No person is happy all the time, life is not perfect all the time, but in the SmileVerse, we try to make the best of what we got.

You play a Family Feud game on both platforms at the same time, is it hard to do? What made you decide to do that?

I had seen people attempt to dual stream and always disliked it. The idea seems good enough, double the streams, double the viewers, and double the gifts. Right? But, as a viewer, it always left a lot to be desired. Instead of adding to the experience, it often felt like you’re being ignored. In addition, there’s always something that you don’t see or understand, that can be annoying and make you feel disconnected with the streamer.

So, I kind of made it a personal challenge to find out if there was a way to do it successfully. I often found it frustrating that there was no way for me to put viewers into teams for games. One day it just hit me, the perfect way to separate teams was to make each stream a team. That way there’s no confusion, people can continue to come in and out of the stream without having to be “put” on a team and the numbers don’t need to be perfectly equal. Also, the chat can openly talk about potential answers without the other team being able to see.

Dual streaming successfully is very difficult. Technically speaking, the setup itself is hard to get right. I try and keep the cameras as close together so no one feels like they are the “B” team. I also try and follow both chats, but the beauty of a game is that the focus naturally goes back and forth between the teams. Plus, utilizing “captains” puts them in charge of reading the comments. It hasn’t been perfect, but it gets better every time and it seems like everyone is really enjoying something new. I’m currently doing it once a month. We may eventually switch up the game too, but right now I’ve just been working on perfecting the Feud.

What do you like to do for fun outside the app, what are your hobbies?

Over the last year, I learned the surprising fact that a lot of streamers are actually introverts. I am NOT, lol. I am a social butterfly extraordinaire and on-the-go so often that sometimes it makes it hard to squeeze streaming into my schedule (I do a lot of “Get Ready With Me” streams when time gets sparse) I love to go out and meet new people, I’m not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone who I think might be interesting to talk to, and thrive in spending quality time with my friends. I still love to dance (whether at a club or in my kitchen). And, I will jump on a plane any time the opportunity presents (I’m famous for changing my flights at the last minute for more adventures).
This being said, you’re as likely to catch me in sweatpants as you are to catch me running out the front door strapping on my heels. I like to work out, play games, read, bake delicious things and dive into the latest Netflix series. I’m an avid Philadelphia sports fan (Go Sixers!). And I spend a lot of time in my general “Pursuit of Happiness” which has included a long road of yoga, meditation, a year without a cell phone, self-improvement books, workshops, a sensory deprivation tank, retreats, 12 days of complete silence, and more.

What are some future goals in life that you might have?

All my other answers are so long, I’ll try and keep this one short. Become a “Top” Top Streamer. Grow my business and brand. Go to Paris. Learn Spanish (for real). Write a book. Go on tour. Fall in love. Act in a feature film (not as an extra). Record one song I wrote (probably with auto-tone). Make other people happy. Spoil my friends and family. Feel content. Oh, and one last one, read Game of Thrones, but only after George R.R Martin finishes them. I know, I know……these goals are supposed to be realistic, but a girl can dream.

Was obtaining a Top Badge hard? Not just on one, but two platforms? How was that experience for you?

I got my Top Badge on Tagged about two and a half months after I started. To celebrate, I took the stream to the Philadelphia Art Museum and we ran the Rocky Steps together (many times, lol).
I remember when I started on MeetMe, thinking I had learned so much, that it should be much easier. It wasn’t. There are a few major differences between the two apps that generally speaking, make it harder to go from Tagged to MeetMe vs MeetMe to Tagged. The gifts are more expensive and the competition is stiffer. Secondly, I was trying to keep my top on Tagged, so unlike when I was solely streaming on one app, I was now splitting my time. Lastly, in order to grow, you can’t just do your own stream and call it a day. You have to be part of the community. So now, you’re spending money for gifts on two apps, and your time trying to be active in a second world. It took me at least double the time (if not more) to get my top badge on MeetMe. When I finally earned my Top Badge, they told me in person in the midst of the Vidcon MeetMe Purple Carpet Party. Because of that, there was a DJ, dancing, a firework show, and I was surrounded by MeetMe and Tagged friends. That was pretty epic.

Have you met anyone off the app? If so how was that experience?

When I walked into Playlist last year, I was super nervous, I hadn’t met anyone. Also, there were more Meetme Streamers than Tagged, and I wasn’t a Top Badge on MeetMe yet, so many people didn’t even know who I was.

But, now I’ve met sooooo many people off the apps, I can’t imagine still being on my streaming island all alone. In addition to Playlist, I also attended Vidcon and the MeetMe HQ event, which were all amazing, and safe opportunities to meet a ton of people. I was mostly surprised by how much everyone was exactly what I expected. I think viewers get the impression that people are putting on a persona on their stream, and while they might be true to a small extent, being live for long periods of time does not give much room for being inauthentic. So chances are, your favorite top is pretty close to what you would expect with only a few exceptions. I’m also humbled anytime I meet someone who is a SmileVerse member or knows who I am. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience. They are many people I’ve met that I consider close friends now.

Do you have any tips for new streamers who might be struggling?

Lots! First off some basics: use a good clear profile photo. Stop changing your name! People do this all the time and it’s impossible to keep track off as a fan. Pick something that is easy to remember and don’t clutter your name up with too many crazy fonts or emojis if you want to be easily recognizable. Third, take it seriously. Just because you may have caught a streamer chatting from their bed, does not mean that is there normal setup. Act like it’s your own youtube channel and make a little set, doesn’t have to be professional, just have some good lighting, and no clutter in the background, you can even include things you love in your set as an icebreaker.

For someone who is doing all the easy things right and still struggling here are a few more. This one is my favorite. “Your viewers are not in charge of your content!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve entered into a struggling streamers room to see them on their phone, out of frame, or just waiting for someone else to say something. You can’t expect people to add to a conversation that isn’t happening. So, pretend this is your own little podcast, pick 3-4 topics and Just. Start. Talking! Lastly, network. No one will find you if you don’t get out there. So get active in the community, get chatty in other people’s streams, participate, gift other streamers, this will get your likes up and get your name out. Keep in mind, its bad etiquette to go into someone else’s stream and beg people to fav you, or come watch you. So, just be active, likeable, gift and the people will find you.

I often say, “You’re vibe attracts your tribe.” In no other social media platform do I think that is truer than on live streaming. You cannot creatively edit it like Youtube, or perfectly curate it like Instagram. It’s you, in a roomful of people with varying intentions, unedited and unfiltered. So, I encourage new steamers to be as authentic as you can. Don’t try and copy someone else’s style, or change yourself because of a one random troll. Just be as loudly “YOU” as you can be.

I’m going to be filming some youtube videos including these and other Live Streaming topics so feel free to subscribe @katybeaver and look out for those videos coming soon, or send me questions on Instagram with the same username.

Is there anything else you would like to mention that I might have not mentioned ?

Thank you Katy for taking the time to fill out these questions, I hope that they help you with your viewers getting to know you a little bit better.

Oh yes, I have some new merch! If anyone goes to @katybeaver on instagram and clicks the bio on my profile they can Sip some Loverade out of a mug, or wear Loverade on their heart with teeshirts, hoodies and graphic tees.
My tagline is: “In the SmileVerse, we serve up smiles, share silliness, and sip on that Loverade.” I think it sets up expectations pretty quickly. I want to encourage everyone to be kind; you never know what someone else is going through. Put down the haterade, take a sip of Loverade, it just tastes better.

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