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Who is Ebby, and what makes you the person you are today?

A lot of people will find this interesting, but “Ebby” is actually not my real name! She’s not a character either though! She’s a part of me that represents freedom & self expression in my life. The reason I keep my birth name private is because I genuinely hate it due to an unfortunate upbringing, & simply, because it’s a super unique name! Meaning that a simple google search & you can find me! So it’s partly due to internet safety & the fact that I don’t like that name. But what makes me “the person I am today”... would be largely due to streaming actually! I started streaming right out of high school! I randomly found this app while I was downloading Tinder &, while I had never even heard of this app, I thought heck!! Why not download this little app too? (Little did I know it would totally change my LIFE!!) But I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school, due to a false friendship finally showing it’s true and me moving schools right in the middle of it all... 2 years in one school, and 2 years in another. So it was pretty rough & I ended up not making a lot of friends. So starting to stream on this app really connected me to my social skills & brought them above & beyond what they had ever been before! I personally feel that communication is extremely important as a skill, and am glad that I practice communicating with such a unique & diverse audience nearly each & every day!

What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do for fun?

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My main hobby currently is streaming! As of right now, I’ve spent over $14K just through gifting on the app, never mind other expenses like travel(Vidcon, Playlist(2x)) & other streaming activities! But apart from streaming, I really enjoy watching a good show on Netflix (I love 13 Reasons Why & just started a show called Scissor Seven). But also other activities like making art, and even rock climbing (although I don’t do either of these often enough)!!

How hard was it to get your top badge, what struggles did you have trying to achieve that goal?

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This is actually kind of a wild story!! So I started streaming on May 30th, 2018... and back then, the requirements to become a Top Badge were only that you had to have at least 400k diamonds, 15 streams per month, & 40+ streaming hours per month. Because this was a while ago!! And so, it took me a couple of months(not sure how long!!) to hit the 400k! So on that very night when I got the 400k I was crying and I was so happy & celebrating with my livestream! Everyone in my chat was telling me to hop off live to go apply for my Top Badge right away so I did!! I very happily filled the application out as complete as I could and I was SO excited that I could hardly even sleep that night!! So the next day I woke up and had a short stream before deciding to try & apply again, (because I was told that applying a couple of times could help me get chosen- although it actually only takes one application!!) So I open the page to apply for my Top Badge again and something very very alarming immediately catches my eye... the requirement was now 1,000,000 diamonds!!! It had changed in less than 12hrs after I had finally hit the requirements! I can’t explain exactly how broken-hearted I felt.. & disappointed that out of nowhere, the requirement jumped 2.5x what me & my friends had already worked so hard to achieve! So I had eventually worked up the courage to stream that day, and had to be the bearer of bad news to my friends.. & we were all very sad & disappointed.. but we decided to not give up!! I kept on streaming at the rates that I always had, & have been known for! It only took a few more months to hit my million! I hit 600k on December 9th, 2018 after I got put on trending by a MeetMe Talent Scout (who no longer works for the company!!) on the 6th of December.. and that’s when everything started going crazy for me!! In only a few more days I got my million!!

I remember that it was a Thursday, so I immediately applied for the Top Badge, again! And I didn’t get my badge the next day when I woke up.. so I started feeling a bit discouraged again.. but that next Friday.. I went live again.. & still didn’t have a Top Badge.. & I was actually in the middle of putting on a bit of makeup.. when all of a sudden.. my comments started going absolutely CRAZY!! Everyone was saying that they could see my Top Badge!! Except I didn’t see anything! I thought my friends were pulling a prank! And I looked up into the corner of my screen where the Top Badge might be.. and I remember blinking.. & RIGHT in the moment that I blinked.. literally milliseconds... the Top Badge symbol has loaded onto my screen.. so when I opened by eyes.. it was there like magic!! So naturally, I started freaking out! I also looked like a mess since I only had done half my makeup LOL! But this was January 18th, 2019! And despite the struggles, I got my Top Badge!!

And I’ve successfully been a Top Badge for 1+ years now!

Do you have any tips for new streamers struggling to make their goals?

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I have TONS of tips for everyone!! And I even will try to find your weak points in your streaming style & give you personalized advice in my lives! You can hop into my stream at ANY time & ask me ANYTHING you want!! I love helping you guys out! Also, I’ve recently started up a YouTube channel! I’ve only had it for a month, so I’m just starting to get the ball rolling, but I’m eventually going to start cranking out some videos that get into depth about streaming on MeetMe & some of my numerous tips & tricks!! So feel free to hop into my streams & ask me! But for the very basics; it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re starting up, you’ve GOT to be consistent! Or you won’t grow as a streamer.. at least not at as fast a rate as you could! It’s like working out, if you truly want results then you’ve truly gotta put in the time & the effort. Next, keep in mind that the literal *hardest* part of streaming
is when you’re first starting! It’s because nobody knows you yet! So your streams will be nearly completely dead when you’re first starting... unless you get lucky! But you gotta keep streaming & being entertaining as best you can to start getting those returning viewers that will eventually grow your viewing base! Which will then help you grow as a streamer! And one more tip! When you’re first starting out, don’t focus on your views.. focus entirely on you & your content. The number of views has NO value! People put wayyy too much value in a number that simply disappears right when you end your live! Focus NOT on the views but on what those views are seeing! In other words, CONTENT! It’s very hard to be entertaining & talkative when it feels like there’s nobody there, trust me- even as a Top Badge I get dead streams! But you’ve gotta learn the skills to push through that & still tell stories & do whatever you like to do! Just because nobody is commenting doesn’t mean that they’re not there! Sometimes people are just shy! Or they simply don’t know what to say.. which is why it’s important for you to be continually talking to your audience as if there *is* someone there! It allows users to feel more comfortable & want to keep coming back!

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That’s all I can think of that I’d like to say!! I tried to space out the questions and answers so I hope it’s not too hard to read!!!! Thanks for letting me interview!!

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