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Name: Paintball Queen

Meet Me Name: Paintball Queen

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How did you get the name Paintball Queen?

I started the app actually using my own name believe it or not! Then I changed it to something like Pew Pew! :D It did not take me long to realize that wasn't right for me! So I spoke to my friend and he suggested Paintball Queen! For me it was like the Cinderella shoe of names! It just seemed to fit perfectly! So I cannot take all the credit for the choice in my name! The reason for Paintball Queen was due to the fact that 50% of my live streams in the early days were of me at the paintball park I was working at. Plus, paintball was a huge deal to me not only for working but also playing!

When did you start streaming?

I started on the app as a referral from a friend, TheOnlyKatch! In march of 2018!

I am assuming you play Paintball which is why you got the name, how long have you been playing for?

I have been playing paintball since I moved to florida in 2014. Less now than before due to scheduling, but it is still something I enjoy fully!

Has streaming been a challenge for you since the beginning?

Streaming for me was absolutely a challenge. I mean, I did have someone I knew on the app and that helped, but no one else knew me. I knew that if I wanted to be successful on the app, I would need to network myself. I would need to branch out of my own live and get out to others meet new people ad find like minded people! It was a struggle to stay motivated as sometimes it would seem like I would get 5 steps one day only to start again the next day and be 10 steps back. It seemed like a constant uphill battle, however I know nothing that is worth it ever comes without working at it.

What have you learned along the way?

Along the way, I have learned that not everyone is what they seem. And others are exactly who they appear to be. I learned that keeping my stream positive and drama free was as easy as, If I don't have anything nice to say, I wont say it. I learned that it's not about the time it takes to reach the goal, it's about the journey to your destination. And all the memorable experiences you have along the way, whether they be good or bad!

What are the themes of your lives?

I wouldn't go as far as saying I have themes yet considering I am limited on the space. I have to do so at the moment. So with that being said themes will come when I have dedicated set up and a bit more structure! To be honest I go like from the corner of my bed or anywhere I feel like it like mall trips or grocery shopping.

What I do offer in my streams is a place to feel welcome to come in as you are and that be ok as long as you aren't disrespecting me or my friends! I say friends because I do not believe in fans. I am a top streamer but i am in no way shape or form a celebrity I am just a regular person like everyone else! I like to remind everyone that they matter and are worth something. We all struggle, invariably and I pride my live in being a judgement free zone.

Do you have any tips for upcoming and new streamers?

My tips to new streamers to be to not give up. The road may be long and tough but make the best of it. Don't be afraid to leave your live and visit others! meet new people! I would encourage positive vibes and drama free as that helps keep your image a positive one that people want to join and experience.

What do you like to do for fun? What are your hobbies?

Hobbies, and things I like to do for fun include, reading and writing. Paintball is a gimme. I am a Call of Duty girl in a Fortnite world :D which means I do enjoy video games! I like to go shooting and shopping! (what more can a girl want right!) I also enjoy movies and long walks on the beach! (But for real, turtle season is a sight to see!)

Have you met anyone off the app, and how was the experience doing so?

I have met a handful of people. First person I met off the app I took to my 10yr high school reunion! I stayed with someone new at Playlist and it was there when met more than just a couple people. I met just to name a few Frost, Daddy J, Holly and so many more and it was just after Playlist in the month of my one year anniversary on the app that I received my top badge. But I have not had a bad experience as of yet. I am cautious to be honest! And was taught to be situationally aware. So while I am willing to meet people I am also safe about it.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the people viewing this interview?

To be honest, I want to say that I am grateful to have been asked to do this interview and thank you to those who read it all to get to know me a little better! So Thank you again!

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