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Questions by: Jay
Edited by: Tammy Swagerty (Ducking Viking Queen)

Name: TMI Emily

Meet Me Name: TMI Emily

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Unique ID: 44WFGAZF

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Tell us about yourself, who are you Emily?

I am an outgoing person that likes to talk to people that want more friends in this world because without friends I wouldn’t be who I am I’m 28years old and I try to please everyone

What are your hobbies, what do you like to do for fun?

My hobbies are singing, sports, love all sports, hanging out with friends, trying new things, being outside, going on adventures, late night trip to the movies.

What is the most important thing in life to you?

The thing that’s most important to me is my family family is everything to me and my friend mostly my sister because I look up to them and I have a good foundation with my parents

How has streaming been for you, has it been a challenge, or has it always been easy?

Streaming has been difficult for me. I have a lot of trolls. Which is fine. It sometimes is a challenge for me because I get really bad anxiety and in some ways it’s been an easy because I like to talk to people so it gives me an out reach on life and people can learn form me

What group or family are you in and what does it mean to you to be in the family?

I am part of the TMI family which means Team Make It. Being part of TMI has help me through a lot of my struggles, and has always had my back. I’m TMI until the day I die.

What is the future of Emily with streaming, and what kind of themes do you have for your stream?

I want to be a top badge. I don’t do themes. I’m gonna try to I have a cool idea for Halloween so I’m gonna try and I love doing contest more singing maybe give away

Do you have any tips for new streamers that are struggling?

Put yourself out there try and get an a good family someone that’s going to support you and keep your head up Talk to people because you never know what’s gonna happen and he’s going to come into your life and will make it easier in the long run

Anything else that I might have missed that needs to be added to the interview that you can think of?
Not that I can think of

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