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Name: Meet Me - Olav


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Who is Olav, what makes you the person you are today?

I am a singer and songwriter. I live in a city in norway.

I started music very early on. I started writing songs when i was around 10 years old to express how i felt at that time. I was struggling with mental illness witch made me feel extremely sad and lost. Anxiety, eating disorder and self harm were one of the bigger ones. My family was the ones that supported me the most due to me not having any friends. Specially my aunt. She always said everything with honesty when it came to my voice, and without her i wouldn't be as good as i would be today. I adore her for that. We share alot of the struggles togheter, and that makes us extremely close. I look at her as a sister and my biggest inspiration in life.

You are a musician and a song writer, who influenced you to become the musician you are?

When i grew up, i faced great challanges. The singer and song writer Demi Lovato is the one i aspire to be one day. I wanna stand up for the people that has been through the same shit as me. I wanna be the reason why they decide to put down the knife, or to pick up the fork and eat.

What kind of music do you perform? Have you ever performed in front of a audience?

I perform music that tells a personal story. The battle i fought. And as the story goes on, there will be new stories to tell through my songs. Yes, i have performed infront of an audience. Im still pretty early on in ghe making of my original music, so i havent done it infront of a huge audience. But i am currently getting a bigger audience online during the pandemic and lockdown. So i have performed infront of thousands online.

How long have you been on the app, what kind of experience have you had on it that you would like to mention that is good, and or bad?

I have been on the app meetme. As to mention that scout and meetme is basically the same app since ghey are joined togheter and is called "sister apps". I have been doing my thing on the app for 6 years. But i recently started getting some more fame the past 2 years. The downside is that there is alot of rude and disrespectful people, sending nudes and racist comments. But ( and this is a big BUT) there is alot of good people that i have been lucky enough to call friends. OhhhhhDarling, roxie rose and damdaniel is one of the few giod friends i have made on that app.

What are your hobbies besides streaming?

I wouldn't say music is a hobby, more like my second job. I am also an apprentice at a hair salon. I do youtube as a hobby. I make all kinds if videos, im in the state of finding my niche, and trying to figure out what my audience like.

What are some of your goals in life? What would you like to accomplish?

The first goal i'd like to accomplish is to release and album/EP. i am working in it, and i have 2 amazing featured artists that is going to have a duett with me. Im planning to call the album "the untold chapter.

Im also wanting to be able to meet the people that has inspired me in life. Then working on a tour.

What are some goals in the music industry you would like to accomplish?

All i want, is to be able to inspire people to get help, and make better music. I feel like there is alot of artists out there that supports all this, but they dont desicate their whole careers to it. Im going to do that. Also supporting LGBTQ+ community wich i am a part of. And black lives matter.

If someone wanted to start out in the music industry, what kind of tips would you give them, and why?

Be patient. I have been on the journey already for 10 years from starting of with singing and song writing. Then get my own money to put into music production and vical coaching. So my best tip is to be patient, and if you fail, or you dont think ur good enough... it's ok. Just find a way to prove to yourself that you are good enough. Also it helps to have important contacts that can inspire you and help you on your way.

Is there anything else that I missed that you might want to mention in the interview that I might have missed?

Just stay string and believe in yourself. That's the key to sucsess. And be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what they have or is dealing with.


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