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Name: Michael

MeetMe Name: 〽️ichael

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Unique ID: 62N561MS

Thank you Michael for taking the time to answer these interview questions

Hello! My name is Michael, I’m 38 from SoCal. I have been using Skout/MeetMe for one and a half years. I started out using the dating feature, then learned about Live streaming, and became a viewer. I viewed streams for several months networking, gifting, and getting to know the community. I was encouraged by many to start Live streaming, and thus started my journey April 25, 2019. My stream is an arena of positivity, and open forum for all to come chat, engage, enjoy dancing, games, projected visuals, movies, & music videos. I often take song requests, and sing songs or lip sync. Good sense of humor is a must, because sarcasm is encouraged. Thank you for taking the time to check out my interview!

What are some of the challenges and accomplishments that you have had as a streamer?

At first I faced the challenge of coming up with content, but then I remembered that I know how to dance, which came from my days of going to clubs and raves. Those days are over, but I can still use that talent of course. Many have came into my stream and told me: “I’ve heard good things about you. I came to see what you were all about, and they were right.” Hearing that is very encouraging and shows me that impact is being made and positivity is being spread, which has been my objective.

You are a VIP for MeetMe, what is it like being a VIP member, and what kind of benefits do you get out of being one?

The best thing about being a VIP is bringing smiles and joy to people’s life. Giving is better than receiving, and it blesses me to see joy in action. The benefits of being a vip are larger coin packages, early gift release visibility and usage I believe I represent the app being a highly visible member, and in that many look to me for other ways to help besides diamonds!

What is your favorite part about streaming, have you met alot of people in real life?
My favorite thing about streaming is interacting with others. Getting to know them, making people laugh, smile, and being a point of contact for technical and life issues. I like to help people, what else can I say! During VidCon week, July 10-13 2019, I met and hungout with a lot of top streamers, VIP’s and MeetMe staff, it was a great time, because everyone was so awesome! Spending time with people you’re so used to only seeing on a screen was so surreal. I look forward to meeting and hanging out with them again!

What kind of entertainment do you provide as a streamer foryour viewers?

Dancing, games, positive vibes, neutral arena to provide support socially, spiritually, emotionally.

Other than MeetMe, do you stream on any other platforms, andwhy? No, starting all over would take lots of time, and I have been grinding for top streamer for a while. If I went to another platform it would be difficult to juggle.

When you are not streaming, What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy the beach, hanging out with friends, movies, go-karts, miniature golf, batting cages, bowling, and theme parks.

What are some tips that you might give to upcoming streamers that want to become a VIP or a TOP badge?

Consider your skills, talents, and abilities. What can you use to entertain or benefit others? Providing engaging content will keep viewers coming back. As for VIP, it will of course take some money, but it also requires a good heart and patience. Some may take kindness for weakness, so just be aware of who is real and who is not. A lot of DM’s may come, with just hi’s to initiate a conversation or people may straight up ask for help. Either way get used to it and not let it affect you, and or lock your DM’s down to friends only. Both Top’s, and VIP’s are important in the community, they are highly visible, both are encouraged to keep smiling, and positively influence others.

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