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Name: KittyKat

Meet Me Name: KittyKat

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Unique ID: LAHVC33I

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Your name is Kat, is it short for anything, like a nick name?

Yes. It is short Katarina. Kat is my nick name. 

How has streaming been for you since you started streaming and what was your first experience like for you?

Streaming has been so much fun and eye opening. My first experience was nerve racking and a ting bit overwhelming, as I can be a bit shy at times. 

Have you met anybody on the app? What was the experience like? Did you ever been to any MeetMe supported events such as playlist, or Vidcon?

Yes I have. I have met friends and other streamers. I went to playlist this past year where I met top badge Ben, Chris, Katy b, Jear Fox, Baely, Hash, along with many others such as Taybee, Erik, and many more. 

What are some of your hobbies that you like to do when you are not on the app?

I like to read, write, draw, color, hangout with friends, anything outdoors and go to the gym. I used to ride horses competitively.

Your Emoji is a cat. Why do you think it is important to have an Emoji to symbolize who you are?

I think an emoji is important. Because it sets you apart from other streamers and allows you to start your own family within the app and lets people know who you are. 

Do you stream on any other apps besides MeetMe?

Nno. Tried Tagged once, but I prefer MeetMe.

You were on Unstoppable Idol. How was your experience on the show, and would you consider going on It again?

Yes, I would consider doing it again. It was such an amazing experience, and loved every minute of it. 

What families/groups do you belong to? Why do you think it is important to join a family/group on MeetMe?

I belong to many families that include but are limited to Chris's suite fam, T.M.I.,, Heart Squad and many more. I think it is important to show support and help the streamer grow as well as gain more viewers and make more friendships. 

Do you think that you will stream forever? What do you think the future of streaming might bring?

I don't know how long I will be streaming for as I am a full time college student. I hope to become a border security officer once I graduate. Streaming is always changing, so it is hard to tell what the future will be. 

Who are some of your favorite streamers and why? I know this puts you on the spot. 

My favourite streamers right now are Chris casper, Deadpool, Life of Kai, Victoria Rudy, Brian, Angel Star. Those are just a few as there are too many to name. They are my favorite because they all have something unique about them. They all have something different that they do when they get gifts. They all also have different levels of energy when they stream. Chris and kai also take the time to get to know their viewers on a personal level. 

Anything else you would like to tell the viewers the viewers as we finish up this interview?

The best piece of advice I can give is to be yourself and to not let the little things get to you. Also don't give up! It can be hard at first, but keep working and you'll get there. Find something that works for you, and stick with it. Poeple with try and troll you and say things to bring you down. But if you don't give them a reaction, they will get bored and leave. Remember at the end of the day, people come into your live to see YOU! So be yourself ,and don't change for anything.

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