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Name: Angel Bear

Meet Me Name: Angel Bear

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Thank you angel for taking the time to fill out the questions. I hope that people who view this will get to know you a little bit better, and you will gain new viewers.

Who is Angel? When did you start live streaming?

My name is Angel Bear on MeetMe. I started live streaming 5 months ago. It is so addicting and much love to the family I created. I am a model where I live. That's how I started loving what I do. I am fun, outgoing, and love to care about the people in my life. So much family, and family does come first to me. I love to sing in my stream which is a passion of mine! I am on Instagram so feel free to add me! I am usually streaming, but most of my time I don't usually answer messages on Instagram. I have a goal to get more favorites streaming. When I started streaming it was a pain. Because it was slow, but I had to keep grinding to get where I am now.

What was your first streaming experience like?

It was very slow at first, but then I kept grinding and loved it. Since I have made many different friends and joined different families on here I have learned to love it so much more. I wouldn't have made the family I created and It started off slow it I wanted to give up so many times but they kept me going every day. I tried to stream at least for a few hours at a time, but I sometimes went more than that depending on how I felt that day. It is hard to stream because of my fibromyalgia. But I keep going anyways. Don't let your conditions get you down. Keep going!

What is the purpose of why you started streaming?

I had many friends tell me to try it, So I did and then I was addicted ever since. I live stream as much as possible and keep making new friends. Since I started streaming its kept my mind off many things that bothered me, so much and it is fun. If it is boring I keep myself busy by singing,  coloring etc. After I took a leave from modeling for a little bit, I started streaming and ever since ive been hooked on it I will keep doing it Streaming is so addicting.

What do you like to do for fun, what are your hobbies, what do you do outside of Meet Me?

I like to sing, I have sang in choir and born into a musical family. I like to model in the town when I can. I love movies and going to bars. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween. I love to decorate as much as possible. I also like to swim during the hot seasons when can. I love playing with my dog he is my baby.

If there was something you could change for Meet Me, what would it be?

I love MeetMe, But I don't like the perverts, and all the drama that is on the app, I would change that in a heartbeat if I could figure out a way to. We need all the positivity that we can get instead of "roasting" others. I have seen so much of it and it needs to stop . Another thing I cannot stand is lurkers. Yes they bring up the stream, but at the same time it is annoying not to have anybody talking to you. Then when they do talk it's usually bad stuff, and people with no profile picture.

Do you have some tips for people starting out with streaming?

Don't be nervous, just start slow then keep grinding like we all did at one point in time, then you never know where you could end up, just kept going at it. If someone bullies you keep going  as much as u can just keep streaming everyday and you will succeed! It took me several weeks to get where I am at, and I am still going. Nothing will let me down on live streaming its something I am good at. If you do not like the streaming part cause you are camera shy do something your more passionate about.  It is not for all but just give it try like I did and I am still stereaming.

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