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Thank you for filling out the questions Shae, it is highly appreciated and hopefully, it will get you more exposure for your stream.

You are head of one of the biggest groups on meetme called the risen. What is the purpose of the group and why did you create the group? Also, I have never seen anyone complain about your group and it is one of the biggest on meetme. :) 

Hi. The Risen was made because, when you fall down you will have to get back up and rise up to do better than you did before. This group was created because I love what I do, and I help people have a better day and get them through the tough times when they are weak.

What prompted you to start streaming? Some people use it to find love, or make new friends, or try to get diamonds for cash. What was your purpose?

My best friend Adam bright me to this app after we were doing live feeds on FB. It's been interesting. I've used it to make friends and family. My purpose was to take a stand and change lives for the better. You are a nice person and you go out of your way to help people, do you mind telling us if you had a situation where it bothered you on meetme; and what was the most disappointing time you had on meetme as of now? If it is too personal I understand that you can not answer it. I've been through hell and back on here. It's not been easy at times. I've been bullied. I've been hurt and betrayed and talked about. Nothing is done by meet me to stop the bullying. Block button doesn't always work. Another account is made. Same over again. I'm a strong-willed individual and I've learned to handle it as it comes.

What drives you to continue to stream? I know people have to stream a lot and consistent to get the views.

I stream because I love to see my Risen family and they love me for who I am and what I stand for. I do everything right by abiding on the rules of this app. You have to be consistent and be BRAVE and fight the good fight.

You'll win and make it in the end. Let's DO THIS.

What do you do in your spare time outside of meetme? 

I watch TV our get stuff done while I'm live. I'm an outdoorsy person.

How long have you been on meetme? Is there anything that you can suggest they might want to change on the app? ( we are not affiliated with meetme so possible that they might not see these questions at all.

I've been in meet me for a year. There's a lot of people who still don't have their badge. If you've got your million. You should have your badge. Not work hard to get that Milly and NOT GET YOUR BADGE. 

Any tips for new streamers on this app and any streaming app in general?

Stay within your means. If you feel uncomfortable. Block and move on. I love streaming and I love these apps. They've made me a better PERSON. -when you fall. You'll always rise to get back up.-Shaeanator...I struggle with Endometriosis and Chronic Sciatic pain