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Name: Meet Me - VIP Cuddy

Unique ID: H6GXOI4V

Who is Cuddy, and what makes you the person you are today?

Cuddy is just a single full time father to 2 girls. What makes me who i am, i would have to say , my life experiences. I came up from nothing.

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What are your hobbies besides the app and streaming?

My hobbies are shooting my cross bow, i love antique shopping , and just spending time with my kids. I have been into car all my life, i love anything that goes fast, i do a car stream on live every Tuesday and Thursday at noon est time , and the purpose of this stream is to show the viewers just what it takes to build a show car, i dont hide any step , i show u all the stuff the tv shows cut out.


You are into cars, and you have a car stream, what are those like and can you explain to everyone what it consists of?

My streams are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 est time , and most evenings i do a chill and chat stream. I have been building classic cars professionally for over ten years now, it started as a hobby and grew into a great job.

How long have you been on this app, and what is your experiences being a VIP user on here?

I have been on this app now since covid started, i find the experience to be a form of therapy in a sence, my experience as a vip has been interesting to say the least. But u definitely have to be careful, as a vip there are some people how look at u just for money.


How long have you been working on cars, is this a hobby or a profession?

But for the most i have built a great crew of friends. What make me who i am is definitely my struggles, and my drive to succeed.

What are some of your goals in life?

My main goal is to be back on tv again , and i would love to own a shop of my own.


Do you have any tips for people who want to get into building cars as a hobby or for a career?

My words of advice to anyone wanting to build a cars is simply do your homework first, and make sure u fully understand the cost involved.

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Is there anything else that I might have missed that you would like to mention?

All i can say to anyone who streams is this, we have a incredible platform to show off our talents, i would definitely says show the world what u all can do.

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