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Questions by: Tammy Swagerty (Ducking Viking Queen)
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Name: Mr. Daddy Shark

Meet Me Name: Mr. Daddy Shark

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Hello Mr. Daddy Shark. Thank you for your time and doing this interview.

You are a live streamer. Tell us, what inspired you to be a streamer? What do you like about it?

What inspired me to be a streamer is I love interacting with new people. I like streaming because meeting new people and topics that people can agree with to brighten their day.

How long have you been in streaming? Is there anythig that you do not like or that you would change?

I been streaming a year and a half. I don't like that you can report so easily and get banned from it and that is one thing I would change.

You also have a sibling, a sister who is a streamer as well. Do you stream together? Is it competitve or do you work cooperatively? What do you like and dislike about it?

We battle each other but we don't stream together yet, but planning to when she comes to visit. We do both to be honest. Sometimes we're competitive because we both want to win the battles. And we work together to help each other out to get us to our goals. I don't have any dislikes of my sister being on here because we enjoy each other and having fun.

Have you used themes in your show? What do you like to do in your streams? Tell us about your streaming name. You were once Mr. High Rolla and now you are Mr. Daddy Shark. Why did you decide to change it?What made you choose to go with the name you have now? Do you plan on changing it in the future?

I have not used themes in my shows. I love to dance, sing, interact and just have fun with my streams. I changed it because another streamer that I use to be close with came up with that name and since the person is no longer a part of me or this app I changed it because i felt like it didn't fit. Being Mr. Daddy Shark, every one notices it and automatically starts singing the song. Yes because I already have it is now Papi Shark.

What are your goals in your life? What future goals do you have for streaming? What do you like to do when you are not streaming?

My goals in life are to be happy and surround myself with amazing people. I like to dance and pick on my sister.

What kind of person are you? Tell us about you. What made you into the Mr. Daddy Shark we know today?

I am a fun, loving, caring, honest, loyal and very outgoing person. What made me into the person I am today is I have a lot of people that helped me along the way to become a better person and open up to people.

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