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What does K M B stand for, and what does your emoji mean in your name?

KMB are my initials - Kevan Michael Bauman. The footprint emoji represents my following of Jesus Christ and walking his ways. As a Christian, I want to speak truth & show people the only way to live this life is by serving others.

You compose music. What kind of music do you compose? Can you provide some examples of other music that is similar to yours?

I do create music. I have been blessed with many talents and gifts. Creativity transcends them all. I love to create. Music is incredible because it represents our feelings in such a powerful way. I sing, rap, write,  and produce. The music I create represents different feelings and moods through story telling. I am heavily influenced by music and musicians from all genres so the music I make is not one dimensional. Most people might label my music as "Christian" but personally I haven't always been a fan of Christian music so that doesn't always sit well with me. I'm a Christian so my heart for Jesus is at the center of everything I write.  But the truth is, the music I make can't be put in a box. I want to reach people far away from God as well as those close. My music style ranges from hip-hop, to pop, to edm and more. I like to combine all my influences into every record I create so you will hear bits of everything.

Hard to say some examples of music like mine, but I am a huge fan of TobyMac & Mat Kearney.

What software do you use to compose music? What other talents do you have?

I use a wide range of software that works together to compose and produce music. The main programs I use are FL Studio, Ableton & ACID Pro.

What inspired you to start streaming? What was becoming a Top Badge like? Was it a challenge?

One of my best friends got into streaming. He became a top badge and sought me out to go live and share my energy and wisdom. I was very reluctant to at first despite being a very outgoing person. I am a huge introvert. I love alone time. However, he forced me to go live and supported and taught me from the beginning. I never aimed to be a top badge. It truly never mattered to me. I just wanted to get to know people and serve them with my gifts. Whether there was one person there, or hundreds, the goal was the same. When they gave me a top I was very surprized, and quite frankly didn't really know what it meant. Once I found out I was very excited at having a bigger stage to shine!

On Suited Up with Chris, you mentioned that you are a Christian. Has being a Christian been difficult or have people been supportive for the most part?

I myself am a Christian, so I can relate.

The most important thing about me is that I am a Christian. God never said being a Christian would be easy. He promised that it would be worth it. That we would never be left alone and He would always be by our side, fighting our battles. Even with my strengthening faith it has been hard. This world is a fallen place and will test that faith. God will use it to make you stronger. When storms come, keep your eyes fixed on his promises. As far as people, they are fickle. People are sinful. So their support will never be consistent. Obviously their support is encouraging when it is there. But I have all the validation I need.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

That is a tough question. I have been so fortunate to have incredible people in my life from a young age. However, I would say the most influencial person in my life wasn't with me on this earth very long. My twin brother Carsten passed away at 7 months - but his impact on my life has carried the most weight. The responsibility I have of being the one left here in this world is one I don't take lightly. Since he didn't get the chance, I need to live life big enough for the both of us!

You are an inspiration, and a positive one, to so many people on this app. What do you tell people with negativity when they come into your stream? How do you handle them?

I truly appreciate the kind words. This world needs more light. The way I deal with negativity when it comes into my stream is very simple. I don't. As a teacher, behavior modification is best accomplished by positive reinforcement. Reinforce the positive things and give no water to the weeds. If you don't feed it, it can't grow. I don't even read negativity. The method works best.

What are your hobbies other then streaming?

Way to many to list. I am huge into fitness. I play sports. I love all things video games. Crafting is life. There isn't enough time in the day to do everything I want to do!

Do you have any tips for upcoming and new streamers that seem to be struggling?

Yes. This is the most valuable tip I can give people. Be you. Don't try to be anyone else, don't wear a mask, don't be a gimmick. Be you! Work hard everyday to be the best version of you. Because there are countless people out there that need it.

Anything else you would like to tell your viewers to finish this interview up?

Keep shining. All the darkness in the world can't overcome a single light when it shines. Shine! The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

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