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Questions by: Jay
Edited by: Tammy Swagerty (Ducking Viking Queen)

Name: Pat's Playhouse

Meet Me Name: Pat's Playhouse

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You are a puppeteer, When and why did you start doing the puppet act in your life?

I first started playing with the puppets as a joke in my own live stream. Basically I was just messing with the people who came in to try and get them talking or give some sort of a response. Then, one day, a fellow streamer told me while I was messing around in her “box” on her live, that I should make an account and just do the puppets without me included. Suffice it to say the puppet was far more popular with people than I was.

What are your puppets names and their personalities?

Well, each of the puppets is kind of like little aspects of my personality. The main two puppets I use are Walter Vickers and Pat Peckinpaw. Walter is an old man who is balding, white headed and with a mustache. He’s basically a dirty old foul mouthed pervert, but, he’s a caring loving contradiction too. Pat is a flamboyantly gay bird of paradise. He is kind of innocent in a way because he likes toys; he loves techno and is the first puppet people see when they come into The Playhouse. There’s Twinkle, he’s a blue furry monster from Abilene Texas that loves Japanese culture. Hans Ben Dober is a blonde haired blue eyed German teenager from Schwetzingen that is the somewhat emo boyfriend of Pat. Chef Ram-She has a dark mustache, chef whites, and hails from Donegal Ireland. The third most loved character is Satan, he loves to torment people with pop music and talk trash.

What do you like to do for fun outside of the app and what are your hobbies?

Outside of the app I usually am working, playing video games on my phone, reading, and watching movies or doing other stuff with my girlfriend. I do have other hobbies though I don’t usually do for lack of time, fishing, tattooing, gardening, drawing, knitting, honestly, if we went over all the useless skills I have or hobbies we’d run out of space.

What are your puppets names, and how did you come up with the names, Does the puppets cost a lot of money?

Walter Vickers, Pat Peckinpaw, Twinkle, Hans Ben Dober, Chef Ram-She, and Satan are all the names of the puppets. The name Walter Vickers was a pseudonym I picked up over the years, Hans’ name was a contest I did for a fan to name him. Twinkle I came up with using a name generator for monsters. Pat’s first name was picked because he’s so colorful I wanted him to be gay and have a somewhat androgynous name, his last name was a contest. Chef Ram-She got his name as suggested by my friend Katye. Obviously Satan’s name was easy to come up with. All of the puppets have either been funded through my GoFundMe, or through fan donations. The average cost is around $70 or so for puppet and a puppet stand.

You go live on Meet Me, do you stream on any other platforms other than Meet Me, if so which Platforms?

I do rarely go live on a few other platforms. Instagram, YouTube, Tango, UpLive, LiveMe, Periscope, and TikTok, are the main ones. All are under the Pat’s Playhouse name.

How hard is it to perform the puppets, and how do you come up with the acts of the puppets, do you follow a script or do you just perform on the fly?
The puppet shows can be grueling, especially particularly long live streams. It’s difficult to do one continuous live for three hours or more just sitting in one position while doing the puppets. I’ve had to start doing light weight training for my arms as physical therapy once I noticed pains starting to occur in my dominant puppet arm.

Do you like any other Puppeteers outside of Meet Me, or inside of Meet Me?

There is one particular puppeteer/ventriloquist I came across on Chaturbate of all places. She’s really funny and raunchy with a puppet and he is anatomically correct which is just hilarious to me. You can find her on Twitter @AlizeZaide. There have been other puppeteers on Meetme, but they haven’t been around as long as me or stayed as long either. A guy using a Chucky doll named Andy is the only other person I’ve seen in a while on MeetMe doing what we do.

You try to make people laugh and make them feel better, why is it important for you to see a smile on viewers faces?

I like to get people smiling because of philosophical reasons. Mainly, life is short, enjoy everything good and bad, because it’s over fast and as long as you just keep that smile going, you can impact the world somehow. A silly thought, but, frowning takes too much effort using more muscles and I think smiling all the time has kept me look as preserved as I do.

Would you ever consider getting your top badge, and why would it be beneficial to you?

Getting a top badge would be nice, I mean, really it would. I’ve been streaming quite a while and the goal looks closer and closer. The only thing that would be really cool is if I got one and got to reach more and more people. The more people see me the more people I can cheer up. The possibility of being discovered this way has crossed my mind as well.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your viewers?
Hey, sometimes you find a skill or art you never thought would impact your life. I started doing the puppets to cheer myself up mainly. The facts it ended up spilling over into other people’s lives makes it a blessing. You just never know what can happen.

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