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Name: Misfit Renee

Meet Me Name: Misfit Renee

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Unique ID: 62XIBVZ0

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Where did you get the Misfit part of your name from, I know there is many speculations on where it might have come from, let’s put it to rest now?!

I got Misfit from The Island Of Misfit Toys. I used to say that my livestream was the Island of Misfit Toys. It used to be Scissor Squad but i fucking hate the word "squad". Originally I was gonna make it IOMT just for Island of Misfit Toys but i chose to just shorten it. Is there really speculation on where it came from?

Tell us about yourself, what kind of music do you like to listen to what kind of movies do you like to watch, how many piercings and tattoos do you have?

I have an eclectic music taste and generally like and appreciate all genres. I tend to gravitate to harder music like metal, hard rock and punk. I have seven piercings and wont tell you where theyre all at haha. As far as tattoos go, if you can count the number of tattoos you have then you sont have enough. I have a lot scatterd around but im working on getting my arm covered. My left arm is a Halloween sleeve and my right arm is all evil cupcakes. :)

How long have you been streaming for, what was your first stream like, and what did you expect from it?

I just had my on year streaming anniversary in July. I honestly dont remember my stream. When i first started streaming i used to watch movies on stream. Then i realized my room was too busy to do that. The movie would be over and wouldnt know a thing that happened in it. My streams have always been real ppl y busu. I did have any expectations, Im disabled so i thought it would be a good way to get social interaction.

What do you do for your streams, what kind of themes do you have, do you play games?

My themes are: Sunday night i dress like a nun and take confessions in the box. I tell people how to be redeemed for their sins. I give the person with the best sin a prize. Monday night is Adult Mad Lib Night, i do most of it with my Alexa. Her reading it outloud is too funny.. I have another streamer named Christi come in the box at points and sing some song choruses. She leaves blanks and we fill them in with adult words. Tuesday night is game night. Wednesday is Meet Me Scavenger Hunt. Thursday Night is Dirty Hangman. Fright night is Art Ni
ght, i paint very detailed art on my face and i had other artists come in my box to show off their work. Saturay night I do Sex Triva. During the day i like to play fucked up cards especially in random battles.

Do you stream on any other platform besides Meet Me?

I dont stream on any other platform. Ive tried others out, i just didnt like them.

What kind of benefits does having a top badge help you with your streaming venture? Do you think that you would get where you are today without the badge?

I love having my badge. I dont think its necessarily essential to be successful on the app. I honestly dont know where id be at this point, i got mine after two months of streaming. Without it i couldve done better, the say or worse. Ive only experienced the way ive lives it so its hard to speculate.

What kind of benefits have streaming helped you achieve, and where do you see yourself in the future for your streams?

Im disabled. I went out of work two months before ive started streaming. One of the benefits its giving me is being able to pay bills. Another benefit is that ive met some truely amazing people that in closer with then my own family. In the future i just see my streaming. Badge or no badge, it doesnt matter. Im gonna continue doing content that makes me happy.

Do you have any tips for new streamers that are struggling to make it that might want to give up?

My tips to new streamers would be:

1) dont sleep on stream. People dont like going to someones room and they're sleeping, they might not come back, most wont.

2) Write yourself a list of things to talk about and set it by your phone. if it gets slow, you can just casually look down and fill air time. Sometimes when youre already talking it doesn't feel awkward to people just coming in to your stream

3) Get yourself fantastic bouncers! Ones that will hold the hearts, send out blast and help get you higher in trending.

4) Be yourself and make your own rules! I wrote names on stuff when I first started streaming, but I haaaaaate doing it. I've made 95% of my diamonds without doing it. I'm not hating on anyone that does it, if it works for you, Do it to it. I felt corny and awkward doing it, which i feel like people can sense.

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