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Name: Meet Me - Mojo

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Who is mojo and what makes you the person you are today?

My name on the app is MOJO, but ive changed my artist name to Jahmee, which is the pronunciation of my last name Jami. MOJO originated from my highschool football years at montrose jr/sr high-school in montrose, pa.

Who are your influence, who is special to you in your life?

i would like to say God first and foremost, without him we would be waking up each morning. My Mother who passed 21 years ago.

You were on unstoppable idol, and a unstoppable idol winner, what was your experience like, and would you do it again?

I love the experience and the community ! would definitely do it again !

You play music, what kind of music do you play, and how long have you been playing music for, and how many instruments can you play?

contemporary artist. cover artist. 4 instruments respectfully. piano guitar drums sax

Do you have any albums recorded, and do you plan on recording music in the future if not?

working on a secret album that will be released in a secret location by a secret label. stay tuned

What are your hobbies besides live streaming and music?

I enjoy cooking, training, and First Person Shooters.

What are your live streams like?

They are fun, interactive, musical.

What other accomplishments have you had in life, what are some of your goals?

To have confidence, To be better self disciplined, financial literacy.

Do you have any tips for people trying to get into the music industry?

You are your own industry. Create on your own terms.

Is there anything else you might want to mention that I may have missed?

Auditioning for NBCs the Voice for the first time in 6 years !