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Who is OooohDarling and what makes you the person you are today?

Hello! My name is Krissie and I'm 33 years old, I'm a preschool teacher by day, piano teacher by night. My username was snatched right out of my favorite Beatles song called Oh Darling. I love people! I love connecting with them and I work very hard to create an emotional atmosphere of acceptance and positivity. A lifetime of misunderstanding, and being misunderstood, has driven me to proactively diminish these misunderstandings and give everyone a chance to feel heard and understood.

Fun fact: I've had profound hearing loss since early childhood, have had my ears operated on four times, and was not expected to make it to elementary school with my hearing. This still fascinates and haunts me to this day, so my ears are weak, but they are I'm doing as much music as I can before they go completely!

You love music, how did you get into playing music, what instruments can you play and what is your favorite instrument to play?

My folks started us in music lessons when I was 7 and I started on piano. At age 11 I started the flute in middle school band and going from the combinations of 10 fingers/88 keys/3 pedals/2 hands and their countless combinations of playing piano made learning the flute a breeze. I joined jazz band when I was 14 to play piano, but got there too late on the first day to sit at the piano, so I learned the trombone. My senior year I started playing the oboe and the euphonium to get ready for my degree in music.

I went to school for music education and was never interested in singing. During this time I learned steel drums (I don't have any though, so I couldn't play them if you asked me today) and most of the other band and orchestral instruments. After I graduated, I tried the ukulele out, started exploring my voice, and haven't looked back.

My favorite instrument depends on context! Overall, piano is my love. It's got so much versatility and so much power. I love playing classical music on the piano and flute, but I love just jamming out on oldies with my ukulele!

You go live, what are your streams like? What do you do to attract your viewers?

My streams are always musical! I'm just kind of a nervous person who can't imagine just staring at the phone while I stream. I definitely read everyone's comments and reply to all of them! I even listen to the song requests I get and try to learn them for people. If I stream early in the day, it's usually old-timey classical piano.

But later in the day, definitely pop and oldies and stuff and singing! When there's whiskey involved I usually get loud and destroy that piano! I love battling my musical friends to hear what they are working on and show them off to my viewers!

Who are your musical influences, and who are your life influences?

My musical influences are Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, John Mayer, CCR, crap, now I'm just listing my favorites. My life influences are my older brothers. They are so wildly different from each other in such different ways but I truly do admire them and how much they have shaped me growing up.

Do you have any music recorded where we could hear you play?

I haven't produced any music yet, I just go live on facebook with my open mic group and then post those to youtube later. If you do check out my youtube (username eissirk), please ignore the videos of me reading kids books-those are for my preschoolers who have been home for a few months and this is part of my outreach to them so if there's a book emoji in the video title just scroll on! I also have a little facebook page for my music called Krissie Loves to Sing.

What are your hobbies besides streaming and music, what else do you like to do for fun?

Does arguing politics count? Just kidding. I'm a bit introverted most of the time, and music is a great venue for me to indulge that. I love music in so many capacities, I love the puzzle of learning a new instrument; I love studying and learning a new piece; I've been getting into writing and arranging; but what I love most about music is teaching it. I love sharing what I love with people, and helping them use songs they know to teach them music. It's the coolest thing in the world to me. If I go out, I go to karaoke or dive bars with jukeboxes. I like improv comedy and standup comedy as well. I love and appreciate all things art and love finding artists in the stream world so I can watch and observe their process!

Do you have any tips for any musicians who are starting out that might be struggling with learning the instrument that they are trying to learn?

I HAVE SO MANY TIPS! I'm gonna list a few here, but then ask that ANYBODY struggling with an instrument HIT ME UP! I'm just sofa king excited about music that I want to help everyone succeed. So here's my generic thoughts that should help everyone! These are things I do, and I make my students do them too.

1. Practice a little every day, rather than a long time once a week.

2. Record yourself, listen to it, and critique yourself! You don't have to share these with

3. anyone, but a big part of music is that feedback loop. You need to study your practice to hear what went well, what you want to do again, or what didn't go well, or what you just need to practice.

4. ASK FOR HELP! Reach out to other musicians and chat, because we have ALL been through what you're going through! Don't try to be an island....yet.

5. Balance your technical work (fingerings/chords/reading music/etc) with fun. Pick something you want to learn and you'll be more motivated to practice it.

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