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Name: Meet Me - Groot

Meet Me Name: Meet Me - Groot

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Who is Groot, what makes you the person you are today?

My real name is Josh. I opted for the name Groot on the MeetMe app because let’s be serious, who does not love baby Groot? I am a doctoral college student just looking to find his true purpose on this Earth. I am passionate about higher education, so that probably will be the route I go…but who knows. I would say that I am a very social person and try to be kind to all of people I encounter inside of my life. Kindness really does go a long way and you never know who is having a bad day. Your small act of kindness can make their day so much better. I am a firm believe in karma.

What do you like to do for fun? What are your hobbies outside of Meet Me?

Read and keep up to date on the news around the world. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to stay constantly informed on all of the news and happenings that can affect your life. I also like to spend times with friends at the movies and go grab a bite to eat from a restaurant from time-to-time.

Do you go live? If so, what are your streams like, what attracts your viewers, or are you just a viewer browsing other streams?

I currently have not gone live yet other than when I sleep, but plan to in the immediate future. I want to make sure it is perfect (I am a firm believer in production and want my backdrop and camera setup to be the best-of-the-best). I love viewing other streams and interacting with the diverse group of people on the app. It is always a fun and interesting time. I learn something new every time I hop on the app!

Why did you join Meet Me, what was your purpose?

This is a huge planet and I desire to meet people from all around it. I come from a small town, so it is nice to hear all of the stories from other people around the world. I love hearing about their diverse cultures and unique cuisine selections.

Have you met anyone off this app, if so, how was that experience?

I have met a local person that I now consider a good friend. We instantly bonded inside of their stream and keep in constant contact now. I truly believe this is a great app for meeting people not from only around the world, but from your local community as well.

Do you have anything else you would like to mention in this interview?

I want to encourage people to get on the app and meet people from around the world. I hope it broadens their horizons and allows their mind to be more opened up for the better. The world is full of diversity and diversity is what makes us stronger together. All you need to so is smile, be kind, and enjoy what the MeetMe app has to offer.

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