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Name: Top Badge Turk

Meet Me Name: Top Badge Turk

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Unique ID: 8OOJMRI6

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Where did you get your name from and tell us about the pony!

I got my name growing up when I was in the streets.  Living a different life was not good for us to use our real name! The pony came from me dancing all the time and dancing for women.

How has MeetMe impacted your life, and what kind of benefits have you gained from being on the app?

Made me look at things a lot differently knowing that I’m not the only one with problems in this world. It made me wanna do something for people to help in any way possible. Also, I’ve gained and built a great family that has changed my life.

You are one of the best and biggest streamers on the app. How long did it take to get to where you're at now, and what kind of benefits does being a top badge give you?

Well, thank you. I’m no different from anyone else. It just takes time, good people, and hard work. Having a top badge brings some bad as well. You never know who’s really there for you.

What do you like to do in your spare time? What makes Turk, Turk?

I work a lot so I don’t do much in my spare time except hang with my kids or stream! What makes I don't know. I’m just me. I care too much, and that’s kind of my downfall.

What fun events, parties, or meetups have you done with people from Meet Me?

None yet, but maybe some in the future like playlist.

What are your future plans for streaming? What tips do you have for new streamers?

I’m just gonna continue to do what I have been doing until I don’t do it anymore. For the new streamer, you should grind and be careful of who you get involved with!

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