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Name: Master Reaper

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How DID you get the name Master Reaper and when did you start streaming?

The name master Reaper is the name that I have a persona with. I feel somewhat of a connection with Reaper. I started streaming three months ago.

Has your streaming experience been difficult? What did you expect when you first started?

When I first started, I just thought I'd just get on here and just have a little bit of fun talk to people. Which I still am doing that, but a lot of people support me and came along the way are my friends, I got good friends. I got people that are like family and people that I care about. There's a rare few that I would actually do anything for, and they made me the streamer I am today and I owe all my my accomplishment to my gifts and my friends and family.

How did you feel when you reached your million diamonds and who got you over the top?

How did that feel? It was amazing. Because 1 million is actually a lot of mishap you may see people with like 20 million 5,000,010 million, but it takes a while to get to a million. You know, especially over time, especially when you don't ask for diamonds. You just sit here and you have fun. It takes a lot longer, but the experience and the journey has been wonderful. And that's 100% like I don't want I don't need diamonds I don't want diamonds. Yes, it's good that they're there and people support me with them. And that's a big accomplishment for myself and the viewers. And whoever put me over the top is Miss Jess she's the one who gave me to my million mark.

What are your hobbies besides streaming?

Oh, I'm an artist, 100%. I draw. I do shit. I can draw anything you want me to draw? I pretty much love the city down during the day and just draw anything that comes in my head.

Any tips you have to give to new streamers or struggling streamers?

Some of the tips I can give new streamers actually is DON'T GIVE UP! Be yourself. Talk to your people that come in. Talk to your viewers make friends. And if they like what you're doing that come back for more never never ignore certain you know your viewers because they're there for you. You don't go nowhere. What as a streamer your viewers make you who you are
You do story times in your live, what are your story times like?

Stories are from my imagination. When I talk, I do scary stories, suspenseful stories, thrillers, I just take them in my head and I go along with a ball. I've always liked writing and one day I want to write a book.

Thank you for taking the time to interview anything ele you would like to tell the viewers?

Tell our viewers Yeah, actually. Be yourself. Be kind and always show respect to those that made you who you are. Because the ones that support you are the ones who make you who you are again, I double say that shit. I mean, actually, I mean that's all I can say is just be who you are. Take kindness and do not take people for granted.

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