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Name: Meet Me - SilverFoxTruckStop

Meet Me Name: Meet Me - SilverFoxTruckStop

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Unique ID: 8AS3OHMS

What does your name mean? Is there a story behind it?

Me and a friend of mine from this app were trying to come up with something and this is the outcome of that. I am not really a truck stop owner haha.

What are your hobbies, what do you like to do for fun?

A few of the things I enjoy doing are hiking, weight lifting, deer hunting, and hanging out with friends. Recently I took up live streaming and have learned how to fit it into my schedule. Sometimes I take my stream on a hike or other places with me.

How long have you been streaming for?

One of my friends told me about meetMe and live streaming. I was hooked from the start. Steaming is so cool because you get to meet so many people with different perspectives on life.

What are your Meet Me goals?

My Meet Me goals are to continue meeting new people and eventually become a top streamer.

What are your goals in real life (off this app)?

A couple of my life goals are to finish school and to eventually have a family one day. I love to travel and would like to see different parts of the world I have not seen yet.

Have you met anyone off the app? How was that experience?

I have not met anyone in person off this app yet, but I am not apposed to it if they seem like a good person.

Do you have any tips for new and struggling streams that might have a hard time making their goal?

Whatever your goal is just work hard at it. Socialize and stay persistent!

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