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Name: Meet Me - Cheta Cheez

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Cheta Cheez Interview - 07/06/2020

Who is Cheta Cheez, and what makes you the person you are today?

My real name is Chet. I am a Hip Hop Recording Artist and Songwriter. I grew up in The Bronx, NY. I got my nickname back in elementary school because my name is “Chet”. That’s where “Cheta Cheez” comes from. My middle name starts with an A, so on my ID it always said Chet,A. I figured, hey, since that’s already my name, why not make my artist name “Cheta Cheez”?

You were in a competition on Meet Me called Meet Me's Got Talent, you were also a winner, how was that competition for you, what kind of experience did you have and would you do it again?

Yes, I was in MeetMe’s Got Talent: Season 6, hosted by Hoops. I was made aware of the competition by another streamer, and then I auditioned in the show among over 20 other performers, made up of singers and rappers. I made the audition, and ended up making it all the way down to the final 3 performers, ultimately winning the show. It was a great experience. I made lots of friends and fans, and got to compete against many other talented artists.

Who are your influences as musicians who inspired you to start rapping?

Growing up, I’ve always listened to music. Ever since I was a kid, music was always something that I was inspired by. From 80s dance music, classic rock and oldies, to modern pop, rock, and Hip Hop, music has always influenced me. I would say that there are many artists who have inspired me, and one of my favorite musicians of all time is Michael Jackson.

Who are your influences in real life?

I would have to give that credit to my father. I’ve always been one who has a student mentality and learns from everyone and everything around him. However, my father has shown me the importance in being respectful and compassionate since I was very young. Being a good person and always doing the right thing has kept me following the right path in life, and that alone I believe is what makes me the person that I am today. I strive to do better and be better every single day, and I have to thank my father for always pushing that kind of perspective and understanding on me.

What are some of your goals in life?

As a musician, I’d like to reach a level where I speak to a large group of people, ultimately helping people and positively influencing them. I believe in doing good and helping others overcome their obstacles in life. Even though a lot of my music comes from pain

What is your goal on the Meet Me App?

I started out using the app because I wanted to connect with people while being stuck at home due to COVID-19. At first, it took some getting used to, but I ended up making friends and also using it as a platform to share my music with people around the world. My goal on MeetMe is to make friends and gain a following so that more people become aware of the music that I make.

If someone wanted to start rapping, and is struggling, what kind of tips would you give them?

I hear that question a lot, and I’ve taken time to help other artists many times. Typically, people that you find who are either new to rap or need a lot of improvement, tend to be at different points of their journey within the craft. For example, someone may be good at freestyling, but not have enough experience writing songs. On the other hand, you may find someone who can write songs, but can’t freestyle too well. The focus may also be something as simple as the artist may need to just work on his/her delivery, flow, sentence structure, or lyrical content. It all depends on the person and where they’re at. My advice to everyone is to just keep practicing. Find what you believe needs to be worked on, and keep doing it, over and over again. I’ve been rapping for 20 years, and the trick to getting better at what you do is to just keep doing it until you master your craft. Keep writing, keep freestyling, keep performing, keep recording. Do it all and never stop.

Who is your favorite rapper?

My two favorite rappers are Eminem and 2 Pac. I have always been inspired by their lyrical content and passion. Both of these two men have achieved a level of status and skill that to most is considered legendary. Eminem is a grand master of his craft, no one can touch him, lyrically. He has pushed himself beyond most other artists and has a lot to show for it. 2 Pac wasn’t only an incredible artist. Like Eminem, he was an incredible rapper and passionate, driven individual who believed in more than just music. 2 Pac embodied the soul of Hip Hop. People embrace him because of who he is, not just what kind of music he makes. He is the image of the streets, the image of black culture and hardships black communities have endured. He is the image of Hip Hop. Both of these artists are incredible and have lived fascinating lives. There are, in fact, historical pieces of the Hip Hop legacy.

Is there anything else you would like to mention that I might have missed?

I have recently dropped my latest album. It’s called ‘Enemy’. It has 18 total tracks on it and it can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook by searching “Cheta Cheez”. I also have a website where you can not only hear my new album for free, but you can hear my old music, new exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else online, and you can also purchase all kinds of Cheta Cheez merchandise, such as hats, hoodies, t shirts, accessories, etc. I will be working music as the weeks go by, and I am planning on dropping another album this year.

Thank you once again for taking the time to fill out the interview questions!

Thank you! It has been a pleasure, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and help me spread the word about who I am and what I do.

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