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Name: Meet Me - Magician Bob

Unique ID: 6N1YAFQZ

Who is Magician Bob, and what makes you the person you are today?

I am your everyday, down to earth, regular guy that has a passion for performing magic and illusions. When I was 11 years old I saw a video on YouTube, showing how to make a cigarette disappear, and that’s when it started, I wanted to learn that trick, and became passionate about learning and practicing and honing in on my skills in misdirection and mentalism. The reactions, smiles, happiness and looks of awe on my audiences faces, is what drives my passion to perform magic and illusions.

What kind of magic do you perform, and do you perform shows, or just on meet me?

The kind of magic that I perform involves sleight of hand, mentalism, misdirection and illusion. I have performed many magic shows throughout the years, and have received many awards and certificates of appreciation. 

What are your streams like, what kind of theme do you have for your streams?

During my streams, I enjoy interacting with my viewers, showing them magic tricks, sharing jokes and challenges. I always invite my viewers to return every week on Tuesdays at 7pm EST to share new magic tricks and also to teach my viewers some of my magic tricks. The theme of my stream is Beyond Magic, I perform different Card tricks, as well as illusionist tricks, often paired with music to set the tone and intensify the awe and wonderment.

What are some of your goals in real life, and what are some of your goals on the Meet Me App?

The first life goal, I would like to accomplish is to compete on the show Arab Got Talent. My goals on the Meet me App, is to share my skills as a Magician on a larger platform, with people around the world. I hope to one day become a Top Streamer, and continue to perform Magic Shows every week.

What have been some of your struggles on the app, what do you suggest for Meet Me, if they were reading this article do to improve the app as well?

Some of the struggles that I have experienced on the app, are rude people and trolls as well as, Slow or lagging network.

if someone wanted to get started in becoming a magician, where would you tell them to go, how would you direct them?

Anyone who loves what they do will be successful, I would tell them the best way to start is to Watch YouTube videos, and to keep learning and practicing.

Who are some of your favorite magicians that has influenced you?

i've been watch a lot of famous magicians since i was kid, like dynamo, criss angel , shin lim , dmc , chris ramsy , but my favorite one is shin lim.

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